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A call back to better days...

BOCW Outbreak Easter Egg “Dragon Relic” Guide

Call of Duty
outbreak easter egg dragon
This dragon's thirsty for Zombies... (Credit: Activision)

The “Dragon Relic” is the Outbreak Easter Egg everybody's talking about in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode. This new Outbreak mode is a hugely ambitious and fantastic new mode that came with Season 2, and many see it as a call back to Black Ops 3.

Look, this bad-boy isn't too hard to complete, but it is pretty cool. Oh, and it rewards you with some super f**king sweet loot as well. So, dive in, enjoy, and follow our guide to get yourself that wonderful golden loot chest...

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Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

It seriously isn't too difficult — open up your map and look out for the dragon symbol on the map. Obviously, make your way there. You will see a huge and bizarre machine in the area. It is steampunk-esque and there is a computer in front of it. Classic video game stuff!

Activating the console will cost you 500 points, and will spawn a ton of zombies, so be prepared. This is where s**t gets really weird, though, because a giant dragon head will appear out of the machine, and the area will be encased by a purple bubble...

You need to kill around 20 zombies within the bubble, so that the dragon eats them and fills up its two tanks. The Zombies come in quite large numbers, and since you need to stay within the bubble, we recommend that you stay on your toes. It is very easy to get overrun.

Kill, kill, kill, keep that gun firing. Don't run out of ammo, kill as many as it takes to fill the tank, and then the f**king thing will take off... bizarre! The dragon-machine-building-rocket-ship takes off towards the stars, and leaves you with an ultra-rare golden loot chest. What do these things include? Well: it's list time!

  • Rare Weapons
  • Rare Armor
  • Salvage
  • Ammunition
  • The chance of a Full Power Up
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If we're honest with you, this isn't really an Easter Egg, is it? It's kind of just a level feature that is super cool... Either way, it's super cool and a great way to get yourself some great loot! We will admit to having played many hours of Outbreak since Season 2 dropped. This is just another cool thing to check out...

The only way to justify calling this an Easter Egg is tothink of it as a reference to Black Ops 3. In that game, you could use dragon enemies to kill zombies. They were also dangerous to the player, to balance things out, but were a pretty useful feature if you used them right. Whatever this is all about, we love the loot, and we love Outbreak.


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