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We've endured the first half of Season 1, but what's coming next?

Black Ops Cold War: New Maps Firebase Z and Express Releasing February 4

Call of Duty
BOCW Season 1 Reloaded
Black Ops Cold War has had a bit of a shaky first-season, but good times could be ahead. (Credit: Activision)

February 4 is fast approaching, and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be continuing its Season 1: Reloaded with a significant drop, including new maps and modes galore! We breakdown everything you can expect from the next big BOCW release, and everything we know so far about the roadmap out of Season 1.

Well, it's been a bloody complicated time for Call of Duty fans. A botched integration between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, Modern Warfare players getting more-or-less forgotten, and a relatively rubbish Season 1 (so far), have come as a tad of a disappointment. This could all change on Thursday, when Black Ops Cold War will see its next big content drop!

Here's a little Twitter summary, for your personal enjoyment:

The questions that are on the tip of your tongue are probably pretty basic. That wasn't meant to be an insult, though we'll admit, it kind of sounded like one. It was more of an observation about the questions everyone has about the future of Black Ops Cold War. The game has been... let's just say, a mixed bag... since its launch back in Mid-November. Could February 4 bring its big come-back? Well, here's everything we'll be seeing.

That is, after the Season 1: Reloaded roadmap...

BOCW Season 1 Reloaded Roadmap
Here is the roadmap for Season 1 of BOCW at-a-glance. Enjoy! (Credit: Activision)

Firebase Z Is Gonna Be Fab-Tastic (We Hope)

The hype-train is in danger of de-railing with this one. Firebase Z has been hugely talked about in the Call of Duty community since Day 115 graced us with an entire week of free Zombies! This Zombies map takes us to Poland, where the Requiem Response Team takes on the latest non-Covid viral outbreak.

We covered it extensively, so check out everything you need to know: Call of Duty Day 115: New Firebase Z Map Announced!

Hype Overload Toad
(Credit: GIPHY)

Express Brings Us Back To Black (Ops II)

Amy Winehouse's time in the spotlight might be over, but perhaps this classic Black Ops II Map will be launched into the limelight again, come February 4. This is a 6v6 classic, based in a very high-tech train station. The loop-trains are deadly, and the glass ceiling, makes for a very competitive and strategic map that we can't wait to jump back into in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War!

Yet again, we covered Express in more detail back when it was announced, so here's a more detailed run-through of what to expect: Express from Black Ops 2 Coming to Black Ops Cold War.

What Other S**ts Comin'?

Well, quite a lot, actually. February 4 is going to be like a Valentine's Day for CoD fans, just... ten days early. Anyway, our gaming-rose will not just be these two fabulous maps, but also some cool bundles that Treyarch has promised us! We don't really... know specifics, but here's a quick-list (because we're lazy f**ks) of what we do know about:

  • 40-Player Endurance Mode will be coming, which will be a pretty cool addition.
  • Prop Hunt Maps will be coming, but we will have to wait for patch notes to know much more.

So, yeah, there is probably going to be a few more cool things entering the game, maybe some weapons, skins, perks, or s**t like that. We will have to wait for the patch notes – or for February 4 to leap from our calendars, into our loungerooms, and into our television screens. Thus, with that weird picture in your head, we bid you adieu.

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