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The unpopular night map sees the light of day...

BOCW: New Map Miami Strike in Mid-Season Update

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BOCW Miami Strike
Looks more inviting during the day. (Credit: Activision)

Black Ops Cold War has a lot of rather unpopular multiplayer maps. The night-map Miami is one of them. With Miami Strike, a new version is now supposed to come to daylight in the upcoming Mid-Season Update.

The BOCW Mid-Season Update is coming soon, and besides hopefully a lot of cool new content and weapon balancing, we will also be getting a new map.

What is Miami Strike?

Miami Strike is a revamped version of Miami in daylight. Miami has been one of the more unpopular maps in Black Ops Cold War from the beginning. It's too big, and it's incredibly hard to spot enemy players. This is partly because it's a night map, which is very gloomy, and offers a lot of dark corners to hide in, partly because the lighting just wasn't optimal.

What Was Changed for the Miami Strike Map?

The layout of the map has been adjusted, and Treyarch has turned the sun on. The map has been reduced in size a bit overall, and several new objects and obstacles have been added here and there. Overall, Miami Strike is less sprawling and hopefully offers decent close-quarters action. Oh well, the fact that it's daytime now, and you can see something, is of course also cause for celebration!

What is the Mid-Season Update Release Date?

The Mid-Season Update will be released next week. There is no official release date yet, but we think Thursday, April 1, is the most likely. This is because that would be when the weekly playlist update always goes live. But who knows, it's April 1 after all... Maybe we'll get nothing at all or just an April Fool's joke!

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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.