How to Play Warzone: State of the Meta | March 2021 | EarlyGame

How to Play Warzone: State of the Meta | March 2021

Call of Duty

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Warzone has been in a tough spot lately. After its integration with Black Ops Cold War, we've been struggling to enjoy our time with the game. It was, frankly, a mess, and its mismatched balance, poor performance, constant bugs, and cheating problems, simply served to widen the divide. No longer could we play the game and not groan. There's a Second Season now, though, and a ton of new content and experiences to be had. Let's take look: has Warzone redeemed itself?

Season 2's new plethora of features has created a much more cohesive experience, with the game's meta evolving in an interesting way that leads towards that game-changing even everyone knows is coming. This still begs the question, though, is the game good enough to be worth playing again? Well, to find that out you’ll have to watch our video, but to give you a little teaser: it’s complicated. Let's dive in, let's investigate, and let's have a bit of fun with it.


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