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Maxis Takes Invisibility to the Maximum

Black Ops Cold War Maxis Bundle Invisibility Glitch – How to Fix

Call of Duty
bocw maxis bundle
Well, Samantha Maxis has a lot to answer for. How did she manage this invisibility thing? (Credit: Activision)

The latest season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been a pretty fabulous affair. Well, fabulous until we found out that the Samantha Maxis Bundle is causing players to become invisible. Seriously, Treyarch? A new invisibility glitch in BOCW? Well, let's see how to fix this problem...

Invisibility is pretty fun. From Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, to the One Ring in Lord of the Rings, many fantastic pieces of fiction, games, movies, tv-shows, music (okay, that's a stretch), and "others" have embraced the concept. The problem is that, unlike Smeagol's precious, invisibility isn't the one to rule them all. Sometimes, it just doesn't belong.

This time, we have a message for Treyarch: Invisibility does not belong in Call of Duty. It's super f**king annoying, and everyone who isn't a complete jackass hates it. Thus, we also pose the question: what the hell is your obsession with invisibility? How many bloody invisibility glitches have there been so far?

Okay, some of them have been in Warzone, but jeez. Why? Well, this latest one is related to the new Maxis Operator Bundle in Black Ops Cold War. To be clear, it has been confirmed by Treyarch that it is only applicable in Zombies. Still, let's dive in...

bocw maxis operator bundle
Another day, another operator. Another day, another invisibility glitch. (Credit: Activision)

BOCW Maxis Bundle Invisibility Glitch – What on Earth?

Well, the Samantha Maxis Bundle is valued at 2,400 COD Points, and it’s a hell of a journey. You don't know if you like invisibility? Well, maybe it's time to try it out with this new 'Premium’ product from the kings of consumer welfare, Activision. Break the game even more with your favorite pass-time: microtransactions.

There's not really much to say, if you play Zombies with the Maxis skin sewed onto your lovely limbs, you'll be invisible! Fun as f**k, if you ask us. Well, fun if you don't like being able to see yourself, nor your weapon, whilst facing off against the undead horde. No complaints here.

BOCW Maxis Bundle Invisibility Glitch – Please Fix Me

Well, if you are one of those lame human beings who have a problem with this, then we have a couple of solutions for you. Well, we have one temporary solution, and one painfully obvious solution for you. We'll start with the painfully obvious one, and then circle round to the one that won't make your eyes roll out of their sockets.

The first: Wait. Treyarch fix s**t sometimes, they have acknowledged that this problem exists, so we can probably expect a solution at some point this century. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, at least before the next Call of Duty.

The other option? Use the Quick Equip feature in the Bundle Locker. It generally works, and has seen some effectiveness with players who like seeing their weapon models. It's also endorsed by our great CoD overlords, good ol’ Treyarch. How're you doin'?

In seriousness, it’s just another invisibility glitch, it's annoying, somewhat amusing, but it will be fixed. Treyarch have also started putting out patches pretty quickly, and addressing a lot of the issues we have with BOCW. Let's cross our fingers, and pray to the video game gods...


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