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BOCW: The Best M16 Setup

Call of Duty

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Welcome to another episode of EarlyGame's Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War weapon loadouts. We have a tactical rifle plot developing and the star of the show this week is the M16.
Following development from the last episode and the AUG's strong bid for the tactical rifle championship, the M16 now responds.
This family of BOCW weapons has certain strengths. Okay, it has one outstanding strength – its low time to kill. Naturally, we don't strip the M16 of its power with our loadout but enhance it. Without even completely busting up recoil!

You can't really ask for much more than that and should you opt for our setup, we promise you'll strike down enemies aplenty. Well, you gotta hit your shots for that to happen, which we can't promise. How about we strike a deal – you hit the shots and we'll provide great loadouts for more BOCW weapons. Then you take those loadouts, hit some more shots and the cycle continues on and on. How does that sound? All good? Great!
Off you go now. Loadout composition is done in solitude.


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