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Iconic Zombies Map Could Come Back to Life

BOCW Leak: Zombies Map “Kino Der Toten” Getting Remake

Call of Duty
BOCW kino der toten
"Kino Der Toten" or House of the Dead was a classic map back in Black Ops 1! (Credit: Activision)

"Kino Der Toten" is one of the most iconic maps to grace CoD Zombies, and now it could be getting a remake. According to new Black Ops Cold War leaks, this classic Zombies map could be appearing in the game, and we couldn't be more enthusiastic.

Well, we're here now, aren’t we? Another day, another leak. Another leak, another possible disappointment. Well, hopefully this one will be true and we can be spared disappointment... Let's be real, though, we’re talking about Black Ops Cold War, so disappointing is kind of the game’s schtick.

Now, if you don't live in Germany, in other words if you are one of the 7,590,980,000 people who don't live in Germany (we know, that was a really nerdy joke), then you could be up for a virtual trip. That is, if TheGamingRevolution's latest video is to be believed...

Well, we hope you didn't watch that video, because we want you to keep reading. If so, read anyway, we wrote this just for you! Let's use a dotpoint list to summarize. We like dotpoints.

  • A map of Berlin was found on Grigori Weaver's computer, with a red marker showing the Berliner Fernsehturm (a big-a$$ tower).
  • In real life, that's right next to the Kino International... so there was a strenuous link there.
  • A bunch of other s**t is discussed.
  • Maybe Hitler will come back in the 1980's, after entering the Dark Aether in the 1940s and making a dramatic return.

Okay, this is a huge summary. Just watch the video, it is super interesting and a good watch. There is a ton of reasoning that the video unpacks, and a ton of cool stuff that it goes through... enjoy.

It might all seem a little bit far-fetched. That's because it is. It's a leak, they are often far-fetched. Well, it isn't really a leak, it is speculation. Still... watch the video, it's cool... I am going to go and play Warzone now.


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