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Treyarch continue to tease

BOCW Leak: New Outbreak Night-Time Map Confirmed

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bocw new outbreak map confirmed
The Sanatorium was introduced in Season 1: Reloaded. Could this be where Outbreak is going next? (Credit: Activision)

Treyarch has more-or-less confirmed that a new Outbreak map, or a new location on the existing map, will be coming to Black Ops Cold War, in a recent Tweet. Now, it seems that this new map or location could be a nigh-time version of Sanatorium... 

Seeing as we can currently play Outbreak on Golova, Alpine, and Ruka, Sanatorium has been, somewhat oddly, left out of the mix in Season 2's new Outbreak mode. What a shame, huh? Wrong! It seems we may be getting a new map, or new map section in Outbreak very soon...

Now, that was pretty exciting, wasn't it? Yep! Let's sit back, relax... wait. Holy cow with a baseball bat, they've dropped another Tweet!

We don't know about you, but our loins are aching over this one!

What is the New Outbreak Night-Time Map?

The new Outbreak map will most probably be the fireteam map Sanatorium. Sanatorium was added to BOCW in Season 1: Reloaded, back in January, and we haven't been able to stop playing it. Seriously, this is causing us to miss out on valuable family-time. That's saying something, considering the whole "global pandemic" thing that's keeping us inside! Also, it would perfectly fit in the Outbreak setting.

Since the teasers are rather dark, there are already first speculations that the new map could have a day-night cycle. We think a day-night cycle is a bit too much, but a night-time map would be quite possible. With Miami there already is a night map in BOCW multiplayer, so why not have it in Zombies as well.

What is the New Outbreak Map's Release Date?

It will either drop with Season 3 on April 22 or for the mid-season update. Problem is, we don't know when the mid-season update is... However, it should go live sometime next week. Most conversations online are actually about whether Kino Der Toten will be making the jump into BOCW's Zombies mode, but Treyarch is teasing something for Outbreak.

There really is a lot going on in Call of Duty right now, with Warzone prepping for its Nuke Event, and Black Ops Cold War finally enjoying a bit of love. Little is known about Season 2's mid-season update, but we sure as hell hope that these rumors turn out to be true! That would, of course, make us moister... than an oyster.


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