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Finally, we can conquer the leaderboards

Black Ops Cold War League Play Is Coming Today!

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BOCW League Play
League Play in Black Ops Cold War is finally available. (Credit: Activision)

Nearly four months after release, League Play is finally coming today, February 8, for Black Ops Cold War. Grab some buddies and climb the leaderboards!

Ranked Play, or League Play as it's now called, has always been a big topic of discussion whenever a new CoD is released. Most titles in the series left a lot to be desired when it came to League Play functionality or didn't even have it in the game in the first place (yes, Modern Warfare, we mean you).

After the community demanded some form of Ranked Play in Black Ops Cold War, it is finally here... after almost four months. League Play was already announced in the roadmap for Season 1: Reloaded. Last week's big update finally gave us a concrete release date: February 8.

BOCW League Play
Let's see what League Play has to offer this time! (Credit: Treyarch)

How Does League Play Work?

As Treyarch already announced, League Play will be based on the popular ladder system from Black Ops 4. We don't know all the details yet, but here's what we already know or expect:

  • League Play is a ranked mode in which we work our way up leaderboards against opponents of roughly equal strength.
  • There will probably be more than 30 ranks, with different rewards.
“Black Ops Cold War's League Play will offer even more ranks for competitive fans to earn during intense League Play events.”
  • League Play will be based on the official Call of Duty League rules, so certain weapons, attachments, perks, etc., will be prohibited.
  • The maps and game modes will also be aligned with the CDL, so we expect to see mostly Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, and Control.

Everything about the official CDL rules and format can be found here:

As mentioned above, Treyarch has not yet announced the exact details of League Play, so possibly Black Ops Cold War's version of Ranked Mode could get some extras. We expect League Play to be integrated later this evening.

By the way, the Call of Duty League starts already this week with the first Home Series with Atlanta FaZe as host. The inaugural Call of Duty League 2021 Stage 1 tournament runs from February 11-14. If you want to support your team, Call of Duty League Team Packs have recently become available in the store.


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Original article was written by Lukas Ballat.