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How to Play BOCW: State of the Meta | March 2021

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a big game, with a lot of moving parts. Like most games nowadays, it's a constantly evolving machine, with new content every few weeks. Each Season is changing the game's meta on an almost monthly basis. It doesn't help that Season 1 delivered very little back in December, but we-sure-as-hell are curious if Treyarch can make BOCW any more than just a footnote in CoD history. That's why we're doing this series: what's the state of BOCW at the beginning of each month? What's been added, removed, and what's the best way to play right now? Well, it's March, so here's the deal...

Season 2 is here! Oh, and Season 1: Reloaded happened and was... basically what Season 1 should have been. That means there are a ton of new maps, modes, and playstyles available since January. The styles thing is quite significant, with major additions coming to both Zombies and Multiplayer, and new maps that open opportunities for all sorts of new ways to play. Let's not give too much away, though, here's BOCW's state of the meta for March 2021.


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