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Ready for the next round of Black Ops Cold War Zombies?

BOCW Zombies Trailer: Firebase Z Map Releasing Soon

Call of Duty
BOCW Firebase Z
Firebase Z looks to be a pretty fantastic addition to BOCW Zombies, if it works out! (Credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is bringing a new map to Zombies with Firebase Z. The map will release in the big February 2 update, bringing us more Season 1: Reloaded content, along with some great new features. Treyarch has released their latest Firebase Z Trailer, and we're going to dive right on in.

Firebase Z looks pretty cool. That might sound like a lame thing to say, and let's be real, it is, but seriously, this looks cool. Black Ops Cold War seems to be supporting Zombies much better than previous titles in its seasonal content, and we couldn't be happier! Check out their latest trailer:

As expected, the horde is coming for your brains! This time, we take a trip over to Vietnam... As you just witnessed in the above trailer, you'll be part of a band of special forces soldiers who... appear through a portal into a Vietnamese zombie infestation? Don't ask us about the logic, it is Call of Duty Zombies and there is only ever one rule: don't question it!

The map looks to be quite a big addition to the game, making some pretty good-lookin' changes to BOCW's previous Zombie’s map. As usual, and unexpectedly, oh and in a bit of a cliché, we land in a military outpost (because where else?) and will start shooting Zombies when Firebase Z drops on February 4.

Some cool new features will be coming to this zombie-extravaganza! You already get a bit of a sneak peek in that cool trailer you just watched (okay, saying “cool” this much is starting us to FEEL lame now!) of some of the brand-new weapons that you will be wielding.

At the end of the trailer you see a giant Zombie Cyclops – THE NEW BOSS TYPE! Oh boy, oh boy, this sends shivers down our spine, and after a kind-of disappointing Season 1, this could absolutely take the ticket for the best thing to come to BOCW yet. Did we mention that ‘Pack-A-Punch' should be returning, too? Time to nerd out!

Stephen Colbert Nerd Zone Gif

Anyway, we are pretty excited about Season 1: Reloaded, and the plethora of content that we will see drop very soon, on February 4. This also includes a brand-new old map returning... That was confusing, Express is new to Black Ops Cold War, but was originally released on Black Ops II – hence brand-new old. Jokes aren't that funny once you have explained them...

Anyway, there's a bunch of cool s**t coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in Season 1: Reloaded, and we have covered it a whole bunch, so check out some of our articles!

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