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Just when we thought Black Ops Cold War was back on track...

How to Fix the Black Ops Cold War Copying Data Bug

Call of Duty
BOCW Copying Data Glitch
BOCW really isn't on much of a win-streak at the moment... (Credit: Activision)

Players are reporting a Black Ops Cold War glitch wherein the Battle Launcher enters a permanent state of ‘copying data’ when installing the latest Update 1.11. The latest update comes with the release of Season One: Reloaded, which added a ton of content to Treyarch's latest Call of Duty entry. Now, this bug has many players hanging in limbo.

It seems that we are in a constant state of investigating and writing about bugs and glitches at the moment. From the catastrophe that was Cyberpunk 2077's launch, to Warzone's integration with Black Ops Cold War, to the plethora of problems that have popped up in Call of Duty over the last two months, it seems without end.

Black Ops Cold War story
Black Ops Cold War will be bug free, one of these sunny days... (Credit: Activision)

New patches and updates are there to not just provide new content to games like Black Ops Cold War, but also to fix existing problems – things like stability, glitches, bugs, and balance issues. It's a tad hard to fix much if your game is so bugged that the game will stop working when you install the latest patch.

Black Ops Cold War players are now reporting that a new BOCW Copying Data glitch is causing strife. The bug creates a problem wherein the game gets stuck on ‘copying data’ after installing the latest update. With the update holding Firebase Z, amongst other features, this is a big problem.

PC Update copying data? from blackopscoldwar

Luckily for you, we have a couple of tips to help fix the Copying Data Fatal Error: 0*C000005 (0*0) N. The bug appears at 30 seconds or less after the startup of BOCW, and can also occur when you click on Zombies, Multiplayer, or Campaign. There is no official fix, but here are a couple of tips that we recommend...

wreck it ralph fix gif
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The Game Files Could Be Corrupt

This is a pretty common problem with updates, and certainly not Treyarch's fault. Well, you can do things to avoid the problem in the first place, or automate fixes so that players don't even know that their computer has f**ked up! Anyway, if you are playing on PC, here is a cool way to fix it:

  • Select BOCW in
  • Go to options, and use the tool 'scan and repair’
  • Once it has eventually finished, reboot the game.

Now, this won't guarantee a fix (these kinds of fix-articles often require a couple of tries, and a couple of articles, before you get anywhere), but before you head over to another website, we have another thing you can try.

Reinstall the Game

Yes, we know this is tedious, and with games now being of absurd size (more than 100GB, in BOCW's case), it will take quite a long time to reinstall the game, along with all of its updates. But, seriously, it's worth trying, and it is often very successful. We have heard reports that this has worked for a lot (though not all) of players.

  • Instead of using the 'scan and repair’ tool, click uninstall.
  • Once this is done, reinstall it through the client, and fully update the game.

Treyarch should be coming out with a repair for this problem very soon, and with its intense focus on getting Black Ops Cold War back off the ground, it is surely a priority to fix the game. Especially since, if they don't implement this fix, then players will be literally unable to play the game. Good luck!

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