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BOCW: The Best Type 63 Setup

Call of Duty

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When someone says Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tactical rifles, the Type 63 is probably not the first weapon that comes to your mind. While we won't make fools of ourselves and argue that it's the best rifle in the history of CoD, we assure you: there is plenty this gun has to offer.
We will try and unveil the power of the Type 63 with a dedicated loadout that makes use of this tactical rifle's very own exclusive attachment – the Spetsnaz Ergonomic Grip. We combine it with a fitting muzzle, barrel, handle and, most unusual for our setups – a sight!

Can you win every single BOCW match you ever play with this setup? Eh, probably not. That can be said of any setup about any gun, however, unless you're god reincarnated. We can guarantee that if nothing else, you will get a considerable number of kills with this EarlyGame style Type 63 BOCW loadout.

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