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BOCW: The Best Stoner 63 Setup

Call of Duty

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We're about to go heavy with the latest installment in our Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War loadout guides. We haven't really gone into light machine guns so far and while we were doing this video we couldn't figure out why. This bloody weapon is bloody good!

We are talking of the semi-hybrid LMG known as Stoner 63. Perhaps because it is not a clear-cut LMG it feels so much better than its colleagues, but it still counts as a machine gun, so that's that. However, the undeniable assault rifle-symptoms that this weapon possesses can't be overlooked.

It is generally faster than LMGs and deals more damage than assault rifles. It is often these jack-of-all-trades guns that make for the best loadouts. There are just so many areas you can be great at!

That's what we aim for with our loadout and hopefully, we've succeeded. In fact, we don't hope, we know we've succeeded. When this loadout is all set up, you will have lost a tiny bit of pace in exchange for monstrous damage, range, bullet velocity and ammo. With an already high fire rate, this stoner is about to become The Terminator.

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