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BOCW: The Best Groza Setup

Call of Duty

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The Groza assault rifle was added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in Season 1, along with the MAC-10. While the latter is as SMG as they come, the former isn't exactly the most traditional assault rifle.

With movement and fire rate that outdoes every rifle in the BOCW arsenal, apart from the Season 2 addition – the FARA 83, this rifle offers much more short-range versatility while remaining respectable at medium and long distances.

Our loadout is relieved a lot by the custom GPU Composite barrel that is unique to the Groza and gives it a huge range and bullet velocity boost without any negative side effects. As this is exactly what this weapon needs, our job is reduced to not screwing the rest of the setup.

We believe we've done a fair job at it and by the time you enter the multiplayer map, you should have a highly dependable partner under your belt that will give any opponent a hard time at any distance.

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