BOCW Season 6: Amerika Map Guide

BOCW Season 6: Amerika Map Guide

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Amerika brings the charm of Black Ops Cold War's campaign to multiplayer in Season 6. Here is our BOCW Amerika Map Guide.
bocw amerika map guide season 6
Treyarch are introducing a toy-town map in BOCW Season 6. Amerika looks fabulous! | © Activision

With Black Ops Cold War Season 6 wrapping up the game's multiplayer content, Treyarch is taking us back to the campaign with the new Amerika map. Other than Deprogram, which takes players into the depths of Adler's broken mind, Amerika looks to be a fantastic addition to BOCW's multiplayer map arsenal. Thus, it seems that we need a BOCW Amerika Map Guide. Here it is!

With Amerika, we get a visually stimulating and entertaining take on an American small-town? Why? Well, keep reading to find that out. What we can say, though, is that Black Ops Cold War Season 6 looks to be the best season that the game has ever received, something we're very happy to finally be able to say. All three new maps that were revealed in the trailer and roadmap are original, making a break from Treyarch's habit of simply rehashing old maps.

Are you hyped for BOCW Season 6? Are you excited to play the new Amerika Map in Black Ops Cold War? What other maps should you try out? Here are a few of our map guides to help you get started!


BOCW Amerika Map Guide: The Map

In Amerika, players are tasked with fighting through a replica American town in the Soviet Union. It is taken straight from the campaign mission, which shares the same concept. We are not sure yet whether the map will be the same as the replica town found in the campaign mission (of course, we don't have the map itself yet, but will update this article once we do), but either way, it will probably be a blast! Here's what Activision had to say about it:

Take the war to a Soviet recreation of an American Main Street in Season Six’s next 6v6 map, Amerika... A secret military facility in the heart of the U.S.S.R., this medium-sized map will have you fighting through a replica of a town that includes a pizzeria, theater, and a Burger Town mock-up. Maneuver through these buildings for close-quarter battles, and watch out for long-range weaponry that is sure to lock down the block.

We don't have a map to show you yet, of course, as the map is not out yet. Once it has released, we will pop the map below, and give you some tips. In the meantime, check out the trailer below. We have timestamped it to when Amerika is shown.

Please keep in mind, of course, that as of writing, BOCW Amerika is yet to be released. We will update this article once Black Ops Cold War Season 6 goes live on October 7, and we have been able to check out the map.

BOCW Amerika Map Guide: Gameplay Overview & Tactics

BOCW's new Amerika map is a 6v6 affair, giving us a medium-sized map for larger-scale street combat. It will not be quite as big as something like Miami, but instead, will be about as big as Moscow. This isn't a bad thing, as the town itself will give us a lot of room for combat opportunities. As Activision said, we are fighting through a replica town here, so we can expect all sorts of close-quarters encounters.

We would recommend a simple AR and Pistol combination here, as you want to be fast and accurate in smaller-scale corridors and shops. There's a pizzeria, theater, and Burger Town, as well as a variety of other replica American buildings and a wide open street. We expect to be ducking across the street, with most of the fighting taking place in these smaller areas, where you'll need quick reflexes to stay on your game. Of course, though, we'll update this BOCW Amerika Map Guide once it has released, to give you a more complete and better picture of how you should be tackling this map.

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