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New operators and weapons incoming

Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Trailer: Release Date, New Weapons & New Operators

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Yesterday the first official Season 2 trailer for BOCW and Warzone arrived. After weeks of leaks and rumors, we finally have some solid information. New weapons, operators and more will be coming, we'll break down the trailer for you.

The Season 2 trailer shows Woods traveling to Laos with his team to rescue Adler. Remember, in a short teaser in Season 1, Adler was kidnapped by Stitch. A new villain named Naga is also shown informing Stitch in the trailer when he notices Woods' helicopter. But if you watch closely, you'll learn much more.


BOCW Wolf Minigun Season 2 Trailer
Yep, that´s a minigun... (Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube)

BOCW & Warzone Season 2: New Weapons

In the Season 2 trailer you can see several new weapons, which we will probably add to our arsenal during the next season.

  • Minigun
  • Crossbow
  • Galil
  • AI-LC10 submachine gun

A crossbow is already available in Warzone, as we can use the crossbow from Modern Warfare. So we are curious how the new crossbow will differ from the known one. Both the Galil and the new AI-LC10 submachine gun have been leaked in the past and the new Season 2 trailer now seems to confirm their arrival. We find the minigun particularly interesting. We can't imagine that it will be used as a normal weapon in the game – most likely we will see it as a Scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War.

BOCW & Warzone Season 2: New Operators

The Season 2 trailer shows us a total of three new operators and also gives us their names.

  • Naga
  • Wolf
  • Rivas

The new villain Naga is clearly the focus of the trailer, which is why we guess that he will be the new operator in the Season 2 Battle Pass. But there are also two new operators in Wood's team: the muscular, minigun-wielding Wolf and the agile Rivas with her crossbow.

BOCW Rivas Crossbow Season 2 Trailer
Rivas could also be a new operator in Season 2. (Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube)

BOCW & Warzone Season 2: Release Date

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2 will start on February 25th according to the trailer. We are definitely more than hyped and looking forward to new content.

Speaking of new content, have you heard about the latest zombie leaks?

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