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After the CoD community has been mulling over leaks and rumors for weeks, there is finally an official roadmap for Black Ops Cold War. Which modes, weapons, maps, and operators will we get in Season 2? We have all the info for you!

Wow, we really didn't expect this much content! Season 2 in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War starts on February 25 and brings a huge new zombie mode, four new multiplayer maps, four operators, six weapons, and much more. We'll go through the roadmap with you and take a look at all the new content.

Season 2 Roadmap

As usual, Activision releases a roadmap shortly before the start of the new season, showing us all the content that will be added at the beginning or during the season.

BOCW Season 2 Roadmap

Here you can see the complete roadmap to Season2. (Credit: Activision)

We already summarized all the leaks and rumors for you, and as it turns out, most of them were exactly right. The leakers were right about the new weapons, the operators, and the new Outbreak Zombie Mode.



Wolf is one of the four new operators in Season 2. (Credit: Activision)

New operators

As already mentioned, we will get a total of four new operators in Season 2. According to the roadmap, we will get two of them right at the start of the season, and two more will follow in the course of Season 2.

  • With Kapano "Naga" Vang, the Warsaw Pact gets a new villain. The former warlord was recruited by Perseus and smuggles Nova 6, among other things, and will be available right at launch.
  • Samantha Maxis is already known to us from the Zombies storyline and will be playable in multiplayer and Warzone for the first time. She will also be available at the start of the season.
  • Terrell Wolf is described as a Delta Force sniper from Louisiana, even though we only saw him with a giant minigun in the Season 2 trailer. He will be available during Season 2.
  • Karla Rivas grew up in Nicaragua, where she faced the drug wars of the Menendez Cartel at an early age. She too will be available in the course of the Season.

Shovel on the head! (Credit: Activision)

New weapons

Naturally, there are also numerous new weapons again. Again, some will be available right at the start of the season, while the others will be added later.

  • The FARA 83 assault rifle will be unlocked at level 15 of the Battle Pass. It is said to have a very high rate of fire and range.
  • The LC10 submachine gun will be unlocked at level 31 of the Battle Pass. It is said to impress with its increased range and accuracy, as well as a high rate of fire with slightly lower damage.
  • The machete will enter the game as a melee weapon during the Season and will probably be unlocked via a challenge.
  • The E-Tool - a shovel - will also be added during the Season. The E-Tool will also be unlocked via a challenge.
  • With the R1 Shadowrunner, Black Ops Cold War will also get its own crossbow. It will be unlocked over the course of the season via a challenge.
  • Finally, we get another sniper rifle with the ZRG 20mm. Slow rate of fire, but extreme damage, high projectile speed, and range. It will also be unlocked during the season via a challenge.
BOCW Mansion map

Mansion we already know from the campaign. (Credit: Activision)

New multiplayer maps

Season 2 brings us a whole four new maps for Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

  • Apocalypse is a 6v6 map that takes us to the jungles of Laos. The rather small map is designed for aggressive gameplay and action-packed battles and is available right at the start of the season.
  • Golova is a map for the new multi-team mode. The map offers a whole city to explore and lets several small teams compete against each other. It will be added in the course of the season.
  • With Mansion we get a new 2v2/3v3 gunfight map. It is set in the Hefe mansion in Cuba, which is already known from the Black Ops Cold War campaign. This map is also coming during Season 2.
  • Miami Strike will feature a smaller version of the familiar Miami map and will be playable in daylight for the first time. 6v6 on a smaller Miami map promises continuous action. The map will be added in the course of the season.
BOCW stockpile mode

The new mode mixes Kill Confirmed with Hardpoint. (Credit: Activision)

New game modes

  • Gun Game is finally coming to BOCW! In this free-for-all mode, there are no loadouts, perks, score breaks, etc. Each player starts with a gun and has to play through a total of 20 weapons. After each kill you get the next weapon, whoever is killed in melee or with a finishing move falls back one level. The mode is available at the start of Season 2.
  • Stockpile combines the Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint modes. In this mode, Dog Tags must be collected and turned in at a specific point on the map. Players can carry multiple Dog Tags, but lose them if they are killed. The mode comes in the lukewarm of the season.
  • Hardpoint Multiteam lets a total of 10 teams of four players each compete on huge maps. The hardpoints change position every 120 seconds and the first team to hold a hardpoint for a total of 500 seconds wins. This mode is also coming in Season 2.
  • With Exfiltration, Warzone also gets a new game mode. During an Exfiltration match, a radio will activate somewhere on the map. The player who secures the radio and defends it long enough wins the match. However, the player with the radio will be marked for all other players on the map.
  • Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme is also a new mode for Warzone. In this mode, up to 90 players can compete on Rebirth Island. Except for the incredibly high player count, the mode remains unchanged.
BOCW Outbreak Robot

Tuttut, off the track! (Credit: Activision)

Outbreak Zombie Mode

There has been speculation for a long time whether the Ural Mountains will be a new map for Warzone. As it turns out, there is indeed such a map, but it serves as the setting for the new zombie mode Outbreak. The new mode will be available right at the start of Season 2 in Black Ops Cold War and will offer a completely new zombie experience.

Players will hunt elite and boss zombies on a massive map, complete specific missions, and further explore the Dark Aether. All of this is made easier with a new Field Upgrade called Frenzied Guard, which ensures that when activated, all zombies will attack the wearer of the upgrade, but can only damage their armor.

The new ammo mod Shatter Blast also finds its way into BOCW. With this mod, all bullets cause explosive damage, which is especially useful for destroying enemy armor. Of course, with the appropriate upgrades, you can do a lot more with it - damage to surrounding enemies or even knockdown against normal enemies - we can't wait.

Finally, in Season 2 all weapon classes, upgrades, mods, etc. can be upgraded not only to level 3 but up to level 5.

BOCW Sedan

Let's see what the clunker can handle. (Credit: Activision)

New Scorestreak and Vehicles

  • With the Death Machine, a minigun comes into the game as a new Scorestreak. It will be available in multiplayer and zombie mode.
  • The Sedan is available as a new car in Outbreak mode. It offers space for a complete squad.
  • The Light Truck also offers space for four players, but thanks to the missing roof it allows firing at enemies while driving.

So that's it now, isn't it? Well, of course, there are new challenges and prestige levels, but what's even more exciting is the mysterious ship in Warzone. The ship Vodianoy, which was thought to be lost, has been spotted in front of the port of Verdansk. According to some known leakers, it is supposed to be carrying Dark Aether crystals, which are also responsible for the storm recently spotted in Verdansk.

This is possibly a teaser for the upcoming Zombies Outbreak Challenge event, which is scheduled to run in BOCW and Warzone from February 25 to March 11. We're definitely excited about it.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.

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