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Season 1: Reloaded has come to Black Ops Cold War!

Black Ops Cold War Version 1.11 Patch Notes & Big Updates!

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BOCW Season One Reloaded
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is back in the spotlight with Season 1: Reloaded and Version 1.11. (Credit: Activision)

February 4 is here, and with it come all the big updates that we have been anticipating for the last couple of weeks. Version 1.11 brings a few new maps, skins and a huge range of content. Of course, with the launch of Season 1: Reloaded comes some patch notes – we'll show you what's been added, changed, and removed!

This is not your usual patch. It's not a couple of bug fixes – though that is always needed – but a huge update filled with content, maps, weapons, modes, and more. We have questioned and queried what could be coming on this eventful day, but now that it is here, it is time to stop questioning and time to start explaining.

These patch notes are also not your usual patch notes, and more of a content advertisement. If you want to read the original notes, then check out the Season 1: Reloaded February 4 Patch Notes on the Treyarch website.

Firebase Z is FINALLY Here! Oh, and Tons of Other Zombies Changes

We have already discussed Firebase Z extensively over the last couple of weeks, but now it is finally time to jump in! We are psyched for more Zombie-mayhem, and it seems to even have a pretty interesting story!

“On their mission to save Samantha Maxis from Omega Group, Requiem must face the forces lurking deep in the jungles of Vietnam at Outpost 25, including shapeshifting Mimics, Dark Aether Hellhounds, the return of the infamous Mangler... and something definitely not of this world.”

Firebase Z is the biggest and most major change coming to Zombies in Version 1.11, and on February 5, it will have its main quest activated, which is super promising. Additional to this, some more changes are coming to Zombies:

  • New Tombstone Soda Perk available through the dedicated Tombstone Machine in both maps.
  • Napalm Strike and Artillery Scorestreaks are joining the list of craftable Support items in Zombies.
  • Various weapon tuning is coming to Zombies, including changes to the Streetsweeper shotgun and the Cryofreeze Ammo Mod.
  • Introduction of “Requiem Advancement” category of Challenges, including 6 new “Firebase Z Report” challenges, with unique calling card rewards.
  • New featured playlists – Firebase Z: Endless, & Round 20. Dead Ops Arcade Solo Advanced Start, and Express: Onslaught (PS4/PS5).
  • Various other quality of life improvements, including fine tuning perks and maps.
BOCW Season 1 Reloaded
BOCW Season 1: Reloaded includes too much content to shake a stick at! Excuse the dad-joke... (Credit: Activision)

Express from Black Ops II Blasts Its Way Into BOCW

Well, we've been f**king excited (mind our French) about this for a while. This multiplayer map was one of our favorites in Black Ops II, and with its upgrade to BOCW, it looks to be the absolute must-play of Season 1: Reloaded's multiplayer offerings. They have even added its own playlist! From Treyarch's mouth:

“In Multiplayer, a true Black Ops II classic returns as Express joins the 6v6 rotation. Whether you’re a seasoned BO2 veteran or a humble newcomer, this modern Los Angeles rail station has plenty of competitive mayhem to offer, including some of the most intense S&D matches you’ll ever experience in Call of Duty.
To celebrate the debut of this beloved map, we’re launching the new Express 24/7 playlist, featuring a moshpit of fast-paced 6v6 modes on Express to keep the whole squad coming back for more. Check it out in our featured playlists for core modes, also available in Hardcore via Quick Play.”

What more needs to be said? Well, here is everything we've published on Express, so you can sink your teeth into the juicy details:

NEW Modes and Fine Tuning! About Bloody Time!

40-Player Endurance Mode is jumping into Black Ops Cold War, and it could perhaps be one of the best new additions. A 40-player mix, with ten squads of four in Sanatorium, Ruka, and Alpine. You gotta collect uranium and detonate bombs. Pretty f**king awesome if you do ask us! Especially with the two biggest changes:

“After one bomb detonates, a new bomb will immediately come online to ensure five bombs are always in play, eliminating the inevitable chaos of all 40 players scrambling to detonate a single bomb. The score limit has also been doubled from 500 to 1,000, giving players plenty of time to rack up huge amounts of XP per match.”
Schitts creed wow
WOW! (Credit: GIPHY)

Prop Hunt and Other Updates!

Prop Hunt is jumping into BOCW in Season One: Reloaded. That means a fabulous game of lethal hide-and-seek, with new props, on Express, Raid, Crossroads Strike, and Armada Strike. Oh, and Gunfight is jumping into Nuketown ‘84, which is exciting. There are various new playlists as well, so check those out.

There are various gameplay improvements gracing our screens with Launcher Tuning, changes to a bunch of maps, and even some cool additions to the soundtrack!


It's out very soon, launching on Monday, February 8. Why is this significant? You should stick to EarlyGame, because we are going to break all of that down for you! For now, sit back, relax, and play some Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Version 1.11 is amazing, we are in love with it, and you should be too! Also, for a cool-ass video, check this bad-boy out, for some more information:


Oh, and check out the EarlyGame Awards when they start on February 20, 2021! We are super hyped, and can't wait to share some super cool s**t with you, right here at EarlyGame!