The secret identity from Pawn Takes Pawn has been revealed

Black Ops Cold War Teaser – It Was Joseph Bowman’s Son All Along!

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William Bowman

Joseph Bowman's son: William Bowman. (Image Credit: Treyarch via Twitter)

Yesterday, a new clue was posted on the Pawn Takes Pawn scavenger hunt website. Now, the mysterious character wearing a hooded sweatshirt revealed himself.

The Pawn Takes Pawn website has served as a teaser platform for Black Ops Cold War from the very beginning. Not only the game itself, but also the zombie mode was announced on this website via various short trailers, clues, and puzzles.

Yesterday, October 26, a new video was posted on the site, which was also posted on Twitter by Treyarch.

The video shows the mysterious person in the hooded jumper, who in the past gave clues about the scavenger hunt. However, this time the person takes off the hood and reveals his identity - William Bowman. According to his own statement, William is the son of Joseph Bowman, a character known to fans of the first Black Ops.

Joseph Bowman played a key role in the first Black Ops of 2010 alongside Mason and Woods, and was beaten to death by a Russian interrogator in Vietnamese captivity during the campaign. It appears that his son is now looking for revenge. He ends the short video with the words:

"My name is William Bowman. Joseph Bowman was my father. We still have a lot of work to do. We'll see you soon."

With this new revelation, it is becoming increasingly clear that the story of Black Ops Cold War will be a direct sequel to the first Black Ops, which should please many fans of the series.

Remember Bowman and his brutal death scene? We still remember how angry his death had made us...

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