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Black Ops Cold War Playlist Update – Raid and Crossroads Strike 24/7

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BOCW Playlist Update Bulldozer
The latest BOCW playlist update brings not only new game modes, but also bulldozers. (Credit: Activision)

With a new year come new playlist updates! As with Modern Warfare, there are weekly playlist updates for Black Ops Cold War. This week, there are two new 24/7 playlists.

Even back in Modern Warfare, there were weekly changing playlists to provide variety and keep us entertained. Black Ops Cold War continues this tradition. With the start of the new year, Treyarch announced that the future playlist updates will no longer go live on Tuesdays as usual, but on Thursdays instead.

Playlist Update

  • The two maps Road and Crossroads Strike get a 24/7 playlist. The rather small maps bring a lot of action, and are perfect for leveling weapons. Not as good as Shipment in Modern Warfare, but at least it's something.
  • The Gunfight Blueprints playlist, which is known from Modern Warfare, also makes its way into BOCW. These include small firefight matches with weapon blueprints that are given to you.
  • The squad size is cut in half in Dirty Bomb Duos.
  • Nuketown 24/7, Prop Hunt, and Face Off remain active for now.

New Operator

In addition to the new playlists, the new operator Bulldozer has recently become available. Bulldozer is part of the Bulldozer Operator Bundle, which is available in the store for 2400 CP.

BOCW Bulldozer Operator Bundle
The Bulldozer Operator Bundle includes some cool weapons and green tracer ammo. (Credit:

With this bundle, you get the Operator Bulldozer, the Monstrous Envy blueprint for the M16, the Headache blueprint for the Tusk 66, the Sledgehammer as a melee weapon, a watch, weapon tags, emblems and a new finishing move. The M16 and Hauer 66 blueprints each come with green tracer ammo.


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Original article written by Lukas Ballat.