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Activision, why is it not launching on my Xbox?

Fixing Black Ops Cold War Not Working on Xbox Series X

Call of Duty
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Yet another problem with BOCW on Xbox Series X... (Credit: Microsoft)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is not working on Xbox Series X for many players. This is a problem that has been ongoing for a while now, but has increased over the last couple of days. But what is Error 0x87de272b, and what can you do to get back into the game? Welcome to EarlyGame!

Black Ops Cold War has been on the war path recently (get it?), adding new content and fixing many of the problems that have been plaguing the game since launch. All of this is in vain, though, if the game doesn’t even boot up on your bloody console!

Well, that’s what has been happening to a bunch of players, who have been unable to play BOCW due to an error that is making the game not work on Xbox Series X. In other words, a black screen that just sits there and does nothing when the game boots up.

The error code 0x87de272b has been hitting players pretty hard. It is known that this particular code is resulting from an error where the Xbox believes that the player is trying to perform a function that they are unauthorized to perform.

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Xbox Series X has had persistent problems with BOCW, since its launch back in November 2020. (Credit: Microsoft)

Basically, if this error occurs for you, then the Xbox has f**ked up big time – and this where the really bad news comes in… There is not really anyway to fix this except for the delete all of the Xbox accounts on the console, and re-login. Sounds like a hassle? Yep!

It might take a while, but for many players, it is the only way they can get around this bug, a bug that’s a huge pain in everyone’s collective asses. Hopefully, Microsoft will have an update and bugfix for us very soon.


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