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Black Ops Cold War – Multiplayer Beginner’s Guide!

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest entry from Treyarch, providing a fantastic and multi-faceted experience with its various game modes. Whilst CoD may be one of the biggest franchises in gaming, with every new installment come new players!

We are here for those new players with our beginner's guide to Cold War’s multiplayer. For many new beginners, starting up in Call of Duty can be a hugely daunting task – don't be afraid, however, because everyone has to start somewhere! Amongst the new game modes of VIP Escort, Combined Arms, and Fireteam, there is a multitude of standard modes that you might even know from other first-person shooters.

The biggest thing to get used to when starting up is to understand and get used to the way that Cold War plays. If you are more used to shooters like Battlefield, you may find yourself very confused! The great thing about any game in the CoD franchise is the easy entry-level, and the various components of the game that help you get used to different aspects of the game experience. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, check out our beginner’s guide to the new multiplayer in Cold War!

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Written by: Evan Williams

Edit: Valentin Kiss