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Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season Update: Sanatorium Bringing Gameplay Changes?

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BOCW Sanatorium
The new map Sanatorium looks really fancy. (Source: Activision)

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is in full swing, and is already getting its next big update this week! With the mid-season update comes the new map Sanatorium, as well as a new game mode and much more.

Some new content was already announced in the Season 1 roadmap, and will be added throughout the course of the season. With the Mid-Season Update, which will go live on January 14, this new content finally has a release date.

New Fireteam Map: Sanatorium!

Sanatorium is a new map for the 40-player Fireteam game mode. According to rumors, the map will also be part of the new Warzone map, which was recently leaked and might be set in the Ural Mountains. ModernWarzone’s thoughts are particularly interesting:

Since the map includes a large lake, which according to the leaks, will also be part of the Warzone map, it is believed that new gameplay mechanics could come into play. The map would, for the first time, offer a closed body of water within a Warzone map, and thus open up the possibility that players can also engage in swimming warfare! Nothing has yet been confirmed, though, so we’ll have to be patient.

New Multiplayer Mode: Dropkick!

With Dropkick 6v6, we also get a new game mode. In the new mode, both teams fight for a briefcase with nuclear launch codes. The team with the briefcase must protect the carrier, who only gets one gun. Anyone who dies while their team has the briefcase can’t respawn until the carrier is eliminated, and the briefcase is free again, or if the briefcase gets captured by the other team.

BOCW Dropkick
The new mode requires good teamwork. Protect your carrier! (Credit: Activision)

New Zombies Mode: Cranked!

With Cranked, we finally get some fresh air in the popular Zombies mode. Cranked is a mode already known from multiplayer, in which you always fight against the clock. There will constantly be a timer that can only be reset by killing zombies – if you don’t make a kill for too long, you will explode.

In addition, all players will be able to play Zombies mode completely free from January 14-21, and Day 115 is coming up, which should have a lot up its sleeve as well.

In addition to the new content just mentioned, Treyarch is also promising other unknown new features over the course of Season 1. Everything we know so far about Season 2 can be found here:

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Original article was written by Lukas Ballat.