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Black Ops Cold War – How to Decrypt the Disk in Operation Chaos

Call of Duty
Operation Chaos

We'll show you how to decrypt the disk in BOCW. (Image credit: Activision)

Black Ops Cold War comes with an amazingly well written and fun campaign. Besides shooting, there are also some puzzles this time around. If they are too tricky for you, don't sweat it: We'll show you how to decode the disk for Operation Chaos.

In the Black Ops Cold War campaign, there are two side missions in addition to the main missions: Operation Chaos and Operation Red Circus. Both will appear on the bulletin board during the campaign, where you can select each. You can theoretically start the two missions at any time, but you should wait a little longer.

Don't start the missions as soon as they are available – solve the puzzles first! Whether or not you solve the puzzles before completing the mission will affect the outcome of the campaign. Since the solution of the puzzles is different in each mission, we can't simply tell you the correct code, but we can explain how the puzzles work.

Operation Chaos

In Operation Chaos, you are to track down and eliminate the rogue CIA agent Robert Aldrich. You can do this at any time, but ideally, you want to eliminate not only Aldrich, but his entire sleeper cell.

To do that, you need to decrypt a disk containing all the names of that cell. To decrypt it you need a code and a password. You get both from a puzzle, for which you first have to find some items in different main missions.

  • Mission: No Escape - Here you can find the 'Coded Message'. During the interrogation, just ask Quasim who Arash is meeting with. Easy.
  • Mission: Crack in the wall - Here you can find 'Number Station Broadcast'. Follow the secondary objective, in which you have to free or eliminate the informant Richter. In the room where you find Richter, the tape is on one of the desks.
  • Mission: Red light, Green light - Here, you will find 'the front page of a newspaper'. To get it, you only have to take pictures of three maps. Just take a good look around the level, if one of the maps is close by, you will see a yellow exclamation mark on the screen.

Once you have collected all the hints, you can start puzzling. Interact with the bulletin board in the shelter and select Operation Chaos. Now, look at the clues. Let's start with the coded message: The note shows some red and blue symbols and a row of numbers with two numbers missing. All you have to do is to find out which ones are missing.

Coded message

You only have to complete the rows. (Image credit: Activision)

Since the missing numbers are quite far in front, we start at the back in order to solve the number sequence. Thus, in our example, the solution looks like this:

  • Blue 33 to blue 30 is -3.
  • Blue 30 to blue 27 is again -3.
  • The missing blue number is 27-3=24.
  • Red 27 to red 25 is -2.
  • Red 25 to red 21 is -4.
  • The missing red number is 21-6=15.
  • So the code is 1524.

Now, look at the 'Number Station Broadcast'. Here, you can see the names of some cities with their respective codes. Find your code and you have the password. In our case it was Chicago.

Number Station Broadcast black ops cold war

Here you can find all city names and the corresponding codes. (Image credit: Activision)

Finally, take a look at the newspaper. You will quickly notice that some letters are printed in red. Take these letters and try to rearrange them to create a city name. Look for the name again on the list on the Number Station Broadcast and you have your code. In our case, the city was Atlanta and the code was 8535.

Now select Decrypt Disk in the mission menu and first enter the code, followed by the password. Congratulations, you have done it and can now complete Operation Chaos without any problems.

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