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Black Ops Cold War Campaign: How to Find the Three Suspects in Operation Red Circus?

Call of Duty
Operation Red Circus

This is how you find the three suspects. (Image credit: Activision)

Black Ops Cold War comes with an amazingly well written and fun campaign. Besides shooting, there are also some puzzles this time. We show you how to find the three real suspects in Operation Red Circus.

In the Black Ops Cold War campaign, there are two side missions in addition to the main ones in which you follow Perseus: Operation Chaos and Operation Red Circus. Both will appear on the bulletin board during the campaign, where you can select the different missions. You can theoretically start the two missions at any time, but you should wait a little longer.

Do not start the missions as soon as they are available, but solve the puzzles first! Whether or not you solve the puzzles before completing the mission will affect the outcome of the campaign. Since the solution of the puzzles is different in each mission, we can't simply tell you the solution, but explain the principle of how the puzzles work so you can solve them yourself. If you're having issues with the puzzle for Operation Chaos, check our explanation.

Operation Red Circus

In Operation Red Circus you have to dig out a spy ring and eliminate the real spies. However, at first, you don't know who the three spies are. You can theoretically start the mission at any time, but you might kill the wrong people. To avoid this, you will have to do some detective work before you start the mission to find out who the three spies are. To do this, you have to find some clues in the main missions:

  • Mission: Crack in the Wall - Here you can find Kraus' notebook. If you break into Kraus' apartment you will find the book in the desk drawer in his study.
  • Mission: Echo of a Cold War - Here you can find a cassette. Fight your way to the first large building, where you will find a room full of technical equipment. On one of the desks, you will find the cassette you are looking for.
  • Mission: Desperate Measures - For the last clue you have to find a wristwatch. The watch can appear in different rooms. So far we have found it in the command center and the server room. Make sure you search as many rooms as possible.

Once you have found all the clues above, you need to select the Red Circus mission on the bulletin board. Here you have eight suspects to choose from, three of which you have to mark.

Operation Red Circus Suspects

Here you can see all suspects with information about their whereabouts. (Image credit: Activision)

  • With the found hints you simply proceed according to the exclusion procedure. In Kraus's notebook, you will find information about your stay, with date and city. Look up which of the suspects were in the matching cities on the matching dates.
  • With the cassette, you can determine the sex of the suspects.
  • Finally, you can check the list of dead mailboxes from the watch to see if your previous choice was correct or if there were more than one, you can exclude the last ones.
  • Now you only have to mark the three correct spies and you can start Operation Red Circus.

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