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BOCW Zombies here, zombies there, zombies everywhere!

BOCW Season 4 Zombies: New Berlin Map, Outbreak, & More

Call of Duty
bocw season 4 zombies
What is coming to Zombies in BOCW Season 4? We've got the scoop! (Credit: Activision)

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 is just around the corner, bringing with it a lot of new content. What is coming to Zombies in BOCW Season 4, though? Previous seasons have brought Outbreak, new maps, and a ton of great content to what is – by far – the best part of BOCW. We take a look at BOCW Zombies in Season 4, what to expect, and what we know so far.

BOCW Season 4 is shaping up to be a big one for Zombies. If BOCW Zombies Season 4 meets the standards set by its predecessors, then we're in for a treat. If not? Well, it'll just be more BOCW Zombies, and that is never a bad thing. Call of Duty's latest entry might be one of its worst, but it has bloody good Zombies, and Outbreak has made it even better. Let's dive in the new content for Zombies in BOCW Season 4...

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What is Coming to Zombies in BOCW Season 4?

  • New Berlin Zombies Map
  • New Outbreak Locations or Map
  • Wonder Weapons
  • New skill tiers, field upgrade, & perks
  • New Outbreak content and easter egg
  • New Onslaught Maps may be coming to PlayStation.

What is Coming to Outbreak in BOCW Season 4?

Outbreak will likely see some new locations, or a new map, in BOCW Season 4, along with a new easter egg. The new map or locations will likely be the rumored Ural Mountains map that we have been talking about for so long. No matter what, we are sure that it will be a worthy addition to what is already the best mode in BOCW.

The new Outbreak Easter Egg will be especially great for fans of Outbreak who want to see the Season 3: Reloaded story continue. It has been a wild ride, and if BOCW Season 4's Zombies content triumphs as we expect it will, the future is looking bright for Outbreak. BOCW Zombies in Season 4 may feature a new Wonder Weapon in Outbreak, dubbed the Mega Barrel. It is also likely to be part of the easter egg.

What is the BOCW Zombies Season 4 Berlin Map?

According to leaks, BOCW Zombies Season 4 will feature a new survival map set in Berlin. It is quite likely that will follow up on an old rumor that Kino Der Toten will be featured in BOCW. This rumor has not been followed up on, but it is likely that if this new BOCW Season 4 Berlin Zombies Map is true, it will feature Kino Der Toten as a small section of a much larger map.

It is quite likely that, on top of the new Berlin Map and the new Outbreak content, we will see at least two new perks. According to some leaks, we could even see the return of the Double Tap! Look, no matter whether these leaks and rumors turn out to be true, or if Zombies in BOCW Season 4 turns out to include much less than expected, it will still be awesome. You should keep your eyes on this spot. Big things are a-comin'.

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