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Black Ops Cold War Season 1: Reloaded is On Fire!

Black Ops Cold War Adds All Prestige Emblems Since Call of Duty 4

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prestige emblems cod
Feeling prestigious enough? Well, better get some of these Prestige Keys in BOCW! (Credit: Activision)

Treyarch launched Season 1: Reloaded for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War today, adding a plethora of new content, as well as Update 1.11, which has fixed a ton of bugs and glitches. Now, we've discovered that they have sneakily added all the Prestige Emblems featured in Call of Duty since CoD 4! Now, that's quality.

Boy, oh boy. Treyarch is on fire right now! Holy cow on a paddle pop stick (a Paddle Pop is an Aussie Ice-cream that you've never heard of), there has been a ton of s**t released. We're not just talking about the Season 1: Reloaded stuff we all expected (which was a LOT of stuff), but some great bug-fixes with Update 1.11, and now... all of the Prestige Emblems since CoD 4... WOW!

cow on paddle pop stick
To continue the tradition of random, terribly photoshopped jokes, here is a Cow on a Paddle Pop! ((Credit: Street Ice Cream / / ME!)

Enough weird cow jokes, are you going to tell us the info we came here for?

Yes, yes, yes. Don't get your knickers in a knot! The discovery was revealed on Twitter, as usual, by Kadar, or @Theybelike_Dar, and it seems pretty solid. In a brief tweet, the Twitter user showed off a collection of Prestige Emblems, and it's pretty legit. Time to jump in?

Well, it has been time to jump in for a little while now, Season One: Reloaded dropped today, February 4, and it has revitalized Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War better than we could have ever imagined. This game finally seems to have some legs, and we have been following it like a hawk! Anyway, here's the Tweet:

This is a pretty solid collection, and will be fantastic for customization in Black Ops Cold War. With everything the franchise has been going through in recent weeks, including some pretty awful cheating problems in Warzone, CoD needs a win. But, could this be the start of a win-streak? That is the question!

Welp! Enough writing, enough reading, enough procrastination - it's time to get playing! Check out all of our extensive Season One: Reloaded coverage, and make sure to subscribe to MyEarlyGame so that you only see the s**t that you actually care about.


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