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At this point, they'll have nothing left for the inevitable reboot!

Leak: Black Ops 2 Maps Getting Remaster In BOCW

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Yep, we've pleased to say Yemen made the list | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty Season 4 only began two weeks ago, but this being Call of Duty, we already have news about some upcoming BOCW maps. It seems that even more Black Ops 2 maps are due to be remastered. We've got all the details right here. 

Black Ops 2 will always be up there as one of the more fondly remembered Call of Duty games. Now, say what you want about the playful tone of the game, but the maps were widely agreed to be well-designed. At least at that time, when arcade shooters still ruled supreme. Clearly, the BOCW devs think so, at least, as they continue to churn out remasters rather than producing new maps. And it looks like this trend is set to continue, as news leaked of even more remastered maps to come. 

What Black Ops 2 Maps Are Going To Be Remastered Next? 

Slums, Yemen, and Plaza are the next Black Ops 2 maps due to be remastered for the BOCW multiplayer. This information comes from the renowned leaker Tom Henderson, who tweeted just moments ago: 

As he says himself, this would mean a whopping 50% of Black Ops 2 maps would end up in BOCW. They were good maps, but it makes you question how much energy and design time they're willing to spend on BOCW, as it nears the end of its life–cycle. 

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Can We Trust This Information? 

Tom Henderson has been fairly reliable with leaks for other games recently, so we think this looks somewhat believable. Especially with Battlefield, but we know he has Call of Duty connections based on his previous work covering the franchise a few years ago. For now, we can only wait to see if these rumors are corroborated by others.   

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