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Have you got stats to boast about?

These Are The Best Warzone Stat Tracking Sites

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Here's our guide on the best stats trackers for Call of Duty: Warzone. Some of these services offer significantly more than others, and there are hundreds out there, so make the right choice. 

Maybe you've got Warzone stats to boast about? Even if you don't, much like myself, it's nice to keep track and see if you're improving, at least. With Warzone being as immensely popular as it is, loads of sites have sprung up in the last year to offer stat tracking services. But they vary massively in quality, from the excellent to the frankly suspect. Here's a quick article in case you're looking for one yourself. 

This is a huge tracking network, and if you make an account, you can follow your results across several franchises, so that's a huge benefit (unless you just play Warzone obviously). There's a great user–interface here as well, so that's definitely a plus for the tracker network.
Is your favorite?

You can see the 'stat card' format offered by these guys beneath. We like it as a quick feature, so you can get a snapshot of your performance with ease. Though, they do offer a more complex way to see your stats alongside this stat card format if it isn't for you.
Or what about

Like keeping up to speed with all things Season 4? So do we, here's a few of the new additions in case you missed anything:

Tabstats are another network site who can provide stats for a range of shooters, and even games as diverse as Among Us (don't you just love the idea of someone playing competitive Among Us). It's a minimalist site, but that's going to be appealing to some users. is always an option.

This is a dedicated Warzone stats–tracker, and a feature I really like here is their analysis of the meta (pictured below). With this feature, you can get a real sense of what people are actually using, not just what we assume people are using based on the pro–scene.
We like

The wzstats website feels a lot more community–led and community–orientated than the other offerings, but that's not to say they have a poor user–interface or lack of features. They also give you a breakdown of some of the biggest streamers, which is a great feature for those who love to watch Warzone as much as play.
And the last on our list:

Well, there's our complete list of the best Call of Duty stats tracking websites. We hope that you find the one for you, and that you aren't too disappointed with your stats. Who knows, maybe you're even better than you imagined? 

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