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Warzone is one of the biggest Battle Royale titles out there, so obviously everyone wants to know how to play and how to get the wins. One of the most important things on your way to victory is the right weapon. So, what are the best guns in Warzone?
Best Guns Warzone
What are the best guns in Warzone? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular and biggest Battle Royale games in the world. It also has one of the biggest collection of guns. When Warzone first launched, it started out with all the weapons from Modern Warfare (2019). Soon after Black Ops Cold War was released, and the new CoD was integrated into Warzone as well, another huge wave of guns was brought into the game. Then, after Vanguard was released in November 2021, Vanguard weapons came into play in early December 2021.

With over 100 weapons and regular new additions with each new season, as well as constant balance changes, it is pretty hard to stay up to date with the current meta. Guns like the Grau or Bruen were once the most overpowered weapons and then suddenly vanished. So, what are the best guns in Warzone right now?

First of all, you should know that there are four main categories that meta weapons usually come from: Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and DMRs in rare cases there is also an LMG in the mix. So in this article, we will show you the current best two guns in each of those categories and will update them as soon as the meta changes. Since we are limited to only Vanguard weapons with the new Vanguard Royale mode, we will always show one Vanguard weapon and one Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare weapon per category.

Best Assault Rifles in Warzone

Best Guns In Warzone Assault Rifles
What are the best assault rifles in Warzone? | © Activision

Assault Rifles are the most versatile guns for pretty much every shooter. They perform good on almost every range and are fairly easy to control. So it is no surprise at all that a lot of the best Warzone loadouts include an AR as the primary weapon or even as a sniper support. While Modern Warfare weapons like the Grau and AMAX ruled Warzone for a long time, BOCW and Vanguard guns quickly took over. This is why our top two assault rifles are Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard weapons. If you are interested in other ARs, check out our tier ranking, where we rank every single AR in Warzone.

AK-47 (BOCW)

The Cold War AK-47 is probably the best assault rifle in Warzone right now. It managed to doge all the nerfs of the previous balance updates and quickly rose the ranks. While it needs some skill to contain the recoil, the damage makes up for that big time. With the right setup, it works great in a long-range-AR-Loadout, but it also is one of the strongest sniper support weapons out there. Just check out our Warzone AK-47 Setup and loadout.

STG44 (VG)

The STG44 is basically the M4A1 of Vanguard. It is incredibly versatile and can be used in pretty much any situation depending on which attachments and loadout you use. The STG44 is easy to control cause of its low recoil and can be a real beamer on long range as well as a viable sniper support on close to mid range. We already got a good Warzone STG44 Setup and loadout for you guys here.

Best SMGs in Warzone

Best Guns in Warzone SMGs
What are the best SMGs in Warzone? | © Activision

SMGs in Warzone are obviously meant to dominate the close range combat. They are the go-to weapons for CQC, are extremely agile, and in general boast a high rate of fire. SMGs are mainly used as a secondary weapon in AR loadouts, but can, in some cases, also be a good sniper support – only if they have the range, though. If you are interested in Warzone's SMGs in general, check out our tier ranking of every single SMG in Warzone.

MP-40 (VG)

The MP-40 was completely broken in the beginning, especially in multiplayer. In Warzone, it's not quite as strong, but it's still by far the best Vanguard SMG. The MP-40 has good mobility and excellent range and damage within its class. The rate of fire is not quite as high as other SMGs, but the MP-40 makes up for that with its versatility and range. It is definitely one of the best secondary weapons in Warzone. For more info, check out our Warzone MP-40 Setup and Loadout Guide.

OTs 9 (BOCW)

The OTs 9 is one of the newer guns in Warzone – it was only introduced in Season 4 Reloaded. It features fantastic recoil control, accuracy, and power. The only drawback is the small magazine. Even with the biggest magazine attachment, it will still be hard to down more than one enemy without reloading. Still, it has a really short TTK and is an awesome weapon for aggressive players to whip out in 1v1-situations. Check out our Warzone OTs 9 Setup and loadout.

Best Snipers in Warzone

Best Guns in Warzone Snipers
What are the best sniper rifles in Warzone? | © Activision

Snipers have long been the meta in Warzone. Skilled players with good aim will pick a sniper rifle over anything. Why? Simple, there is no other weapon category that can down players with a single shot. Most sniper rifles will down a full HP player with one upper torso hit, and all of them will do so with a headshot. So, if you have good aim and movement as well as a sniper rifle with high mobility and quick reload, you can rack up kills in no time. We also made a tier ranking of every single sniper rifle in Warzone for you.

Kar98k (MW/VG)

The Kar98k has been on top of the sniper meta basically since the launch of Warzone. It has high damage, insane bullet velocity and a really fast ADS time as well as good mobility. What more can you ask for? It is not the best sniper to camp, though, but Warzone doesn't encourage camping anyway. The Kar98k really shines as an aggressive sniper, and the new Vanguard Kar is just as good. If you are looking for the best way to play the Kar, check out our Warzone Kar98k Setup and loadout guide.

Swiss K31 (BOCW)

The Swiss K31 is very similar to the Kar98k. In fact, it is so similar that we even did an article on which gun is better, Kar98k or Swiss K31. Both weapons are best played as an aggressive sniper – the Swiss can also be built for longer ranges, though. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, both guns have very similar stats – the Kar's ADS time is just a tiny bit faster. We recommend to just try both and see which one you like better.

Best DMRs in Warzone

Best Guns in Warzone DMRs
What are the best DMRs in Warzone? | © Activision

We are putting Modern Warfare's DMRs and Black Ops Cold War's Tactical Rifles into one category, since it basically is the same weapon class. These weapons are set somewhere between the assault rifles and the sniper rifles – they are single shot or burst fire guns that can't down with only one shot. They are more accurate and have higher damage than assault rifles, but don't have the range or one-shot potential of a sniper rifle. While in most cases an AR or sniper will do better, DMRs can still shine in the right hands. We don't have a tier ranking for DMRs and Tactical Rifles yet, but will prepare one for you soon.


The DMR 14 is another one of those BOCW weapons that was completely broken and op when it was introduced to Warzone. After some nerfs, it quickly dropped in the rankings, but is still one of the best DMRs. It has a good rate of fire and basically shoots as fast as you can click. The good accuracy and high damage output make it especially strong on mid to long ranges. Just make sure to aim for the head, but even with body shots, your enemies will go down incredibly fast. Here is our recommended Warzone DMR 14 setup and loadout.

G-43 (VG)

The G-43 is a DMR that came into play with Vanguard and stands out for one special feature - it can be played fully automatic. It also has excellent range, accuracy and damage, and can take out players incredibly quickly. Like any DMR or tactical rifle, it's best used at medium to long ranges, and you should always go for headshots, of course. If you want to try something different and DMRs don't scare you off, you should give the G-43 a try. With our G-43 setup and loadout you will have a lot of fun.

These are the currently best guns in Warzone. If you want to know the best guns and loadouts for CoD: Vanguard make sure to check out our article. We will of course update this article as soon as the meta changes, and maybe we will see some new Vanguard guns making it to our list soon. If you want to be up-to-date in Warzone, make sure to come back for more setup guides, loadouts and tier rankings.