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Is Tiger Team Spotlight the New Warzone Attachment Meta?

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This attachment might be your best bet to become a Call of Duty pro! (Credit: Wikipedia / Istock)

Warzone Pros are saying that the Tiger Team Spotlight is the king of all Warzone attachments, perhaps the new meta. What makes the Tiger Team Spotlight so special, and why are Warzone pros so obsessed with this Laser? Well, that's why you are reading this article, so here's why the Tiger Team Spotlight might be the new Warzone Attachment Meta.

New Warzone Attachment Meta might be a long and convoluted term, and perhaps also a confusing jumble together of words, but it's bloody important, so hear us out! Well, there is a new Warzone Attachment Meta in town, and we're here to show you exactly why that is...

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What is the New Warzone Attachment Meta?

The new Warzone Attachment Meta is the Tiger Team Spotlight, which boosts both your movement speed and walking movement speed. Sounds crazy, right? Well, a lot of people are using Muzzles that significantly decrease your ADS, something which is less than ideal for a lot of Black Ops Cold War assault rifles. If you shy away from that choice, and instead go for the Tiger Team Spotlight, then you will become an absolute legend. It relieves many of the problems that other attachments create!

Don't believe us? That's a little silly! Here's a Call of Duty pro telling you why...

When Should I Use the Tiger Team Spotlight?

The Tiger Team Spotlight works freakishly well with pretty much any Black Ops Cold War assault rifle in Warzone. They are just generally better builds, throwing in some extra speed to counteract some of the problems posed by most of the common Warzone setups out there.

You want to be competitive, don't you? Why wouldn't you? That would be kind-of crazy, so you should probably listen to our advice. The Tiger Team Spotlight is the ideal attachment for many Warzone Assault Rifles. That's not a question anymore. Does that make it a meta? Well, yes, we think it does.

So, yes, use the Tiger Team Spotlight. We won't ask twice. It's one of the best attachments in Warzone, and you won't regret it!


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