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The question on every snipers mind since the Swiss K31's release...

The Best Aggressive Sniper In Warzone: Swiss K31 Or Kar98k?

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You need something rapid if you want to play the aggressive Sniper role. | © Activision Blizzard

Since the release of the Swiss K31 in Warzone, a lot of users have been dropping the Kar98k to give the new weapon a shot. It's going to compete with the Kar98k as the best aggressive sniper because it's so quick. But is actually it better? We've broken down the stats for you. 

If you're looking for something to counter–snipe, or you want to play a dedicated aggressive sniping role, then you need one of the rapid bolt actions. Previously there was no question - the Kar98k was king. It has an incredible ADS for a sniper and it's one-shot to down with a headshot. But now a new rifle is on the scene, and the Swiss K31 might finally have dethroned the Kar98k as the best aggressive sniper in Warzone


Which Is The Best Warzone Sniper By Stats: Swiss K31 Or Kar98k

These stats have been recorded while both weapons were using the meta sniper build - a suppressor, the longest barrel, a laser, and a stock chosen for increased mobility.

  • Base DamageSwiss K31. The Swiss K31 does slightly more base damage, especially to the upper torso, dealing 180 damage compared to the Kar's 154. But, both are one-shot headshots so this is less important. 
  • Damage Drop–OffSwiss K31. The Kar98k has a serious damage drop–off out past 93m but the Swiss K31 deals the same damage out to at least 250m. 
  • Aim–Down–SightKar98k. The Kar98k can ADS in 367ms compared to the Swiss K31's 417ms
  • Rate Of FireSwiss K31. Not as important for ordinary snipers but with an aggressive build the Swiss's advantage counts for something. Its fire rate will be 50 RPM in an aggressive build, compared to the Kar98k's 43 RPM. 
  • Bullet Velocity: Kar98k. The maximum velocity (which you'll want to reach no matter what style of sniper build you're after) is 1030m/s for the Kar98K and 930m/s for the Swiss K31. 

Note: The Swiss K31 comes with a built-in scope, but this is a trap; its magnification is too strong for an aggressive sniper build - you want to use an Axial Arms 3.0x to replicate the Kar's beloved Sniper Scope. 

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Which Warzone Sniper Is Best For You: Swiss K31 Or Kar98k?

For the majority of players, we advise the Swiss K31. It beats the Kar98k in most categories and where the Kar98k does win, particularly in ADS time, only the very best players will be able to capitalize on the advantage. 417ms is still easily snappy enough for most players who are aggressive sniping.   

We hope that's helped you make your choice between these beauties. And if you always played the Kar98k make sure to give the Swiss K31 a try.

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