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The Best Perks and Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was just released and already had some server issues among other things. The new entry offers an excellent campaign and a new zombie mode but the multiplayer is still at the heart of the new CoD.

The right weapons are not everything needed to create the optimal conditions for the next match though. The perks and the wildcard are just as important. In this video, we will present the best perks and wildcards in Black Ops Cold War.

There are three perk slots and one wildcard slot available. The perk slots are divided by color: red, blue and yellow.

Red Slot

In the red slot, we recommend the Flak Vest for aggressive players. It makes you take less damage from explosions, especially grenades and molotovs. If you prefer a more cautious approach, you should use the Engineer perk. It marks enemy equipment and scorestreaks even through walls, so deaths from mines or RC-XDs should be a thing of the past.

Blue Slot

Here, the Tracker perk is especially useful. It briefly shows you the footprints of your opponents on the ground and also marks opponents for your team when you take aim. If you prefer to throw grenades around non-stop, you should choose Quartermaster. This perk replenishes grenades and tactical equipment every 25 seconds.

Yellow Slot

Ghost or Ninja, the choice is yours. Ghost hides you from drones on the minimap, which is almost always a big advantage considering how often this scorestreak is used. Ninja, on the other hand, hides you from directional microphones and makes all movements much harder to hear.


Here we once again have two options are available. For all those who want to modify their weapons to the extreme, Gunfighter is recommended. This allows you to use three more attachments per weapon, so you can equip every single attachment slot of your weapons. With Perk Greed you can equip one more perk per per slot. We don't have to explain why this is extremely strong. Ninja and Ghost combined make you invisible.

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Viewer discretion is advised: This video is rated M for mature.