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Battlefield will destroy everything this year!

Why Battlefield 6 Will Be Better than Call of Duty 2021

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Battlefield vs Call of Duty
Will Battlefield 6 destroy Call of Duty 2021? (Credit: EA)

At the end of the year, the eagerly awaited Battlefield 6 will be released, reviving the long-simmering Battlefield vs Call of Duty conflict. Today, we reveal why Battlefield 6 will wipe the floor with Call of Duty 2021.

The official announcement for the new Battlefield is just around the corner, and the whole gaming world is holding its breath. However, many shooter fans already seem to agree on one thing: Battlefield will be better than Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard!

Why? Well, here's a quick overview:

Why Will Battlefield 6 Be Better Than Call of Duty 2021?

  1. Battlefield 6 has more development time.
  2. Battlefield 6 has huge maps for up to 128 players, with unique effects.
  3. Battlefield 6 has a Modern Warfare setting.
  4. Battlefield 6 also gets a Battle Royale mode.

How Long Has Battlefield 6 Been in Development?

Battlefield 6 has had a significantly longer development time than any Call of Duty game has ever had. Rumors suggest that the official title for Battlefield 6 will just be "Battlefield", and we already know that there are a total of five studios working on Battlefield 6.

The last Battlefield, Battlefield V, was released in 2018, while Call of Duty has always stuck to its one-year development cycle. We recently saw what this leads to with Black Ops Cold War, which was launched completely unfinished, and is still plagued by bugs and glitches to this day – almost 6 months after release! It still offers comparatively little content. The same goes for Warzone, which still has no anti-cheating system, and struggles with numerous problems. This doesn't bode well for Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard, or CoD 2021...

The longer development time, as well as the five studios working on Battlefield 6, should ensure a relatively bug-free launch for the game, with sufficient content. It will also be optimized for next-gen consoles and hopefully probably won't break them like Black Ops Cold War.


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How Big Will the Maps Be in Battlefield 6?

It has already been announced that Battlefield 6 will allow multiplayer matches of up to 128 players. There will also be weather effects and game-changing destruction!

Yes, yes, many of you will now scream "But Warzone has 150 players!" True, but Warzone is a Battle Royale title, so we'll get into that later. Battlefield 6 pits two teams of up to 64 players each against each other on foot, in a tank, in the air, or even on water. In Black Ops Cold War, the closest it gets is a 40-player mode called Multi-Team, or Warzone... you can drive a jeep or quad bike. Yay.

Even more exciting, though, are the Battlefield 6 weather effects and destruction. We all remember the collapsing skyscraper on Siege of Shanghai in Battlefield 4 that changed the whole map. Or the sandstorms in Battlefield 1 that took away your vision, and made planes virtually unusable. I mean, imagine how all the Warzone campers would howl if you could just flatten their house, or blow it up... Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard, how can you possibly stack up to that?

Battlefield 6 Modern Warfare Setting
Battlefield 6 doesn't take place that far in the future, but we'd rather have the near future than another World War. (Credit: Eikas Perl Dino / ArtStation)

What is the Setting of Battlefield 6?

According to leaks, Battlefield 6 will be set around the year 2030, in the near future, and will have a Modern Warfare setting. It might not sound like much now, but honestly what are you up for more? World War 2 for the hundredth time, or a cool Modern Warfare setting?

Yeah, us too. Call of Duty 2021 is to be called Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard, and set in World War II... Nobody is really up for that. We want awesome weapons that we can customize with attachments and cool gadgets like drones or robot prototypes.

We all saw how well CoD: Modern Warfare was received, and how popular it still is. Battlefield V tried its hand at the World War II setting again, and failed miserably. EA seems to have learned from that!

Battlefield 6 Battle Royale Drone
We like drones and other gadgets in Battlefield! (Credit: Gregory Pedzinski / ArtStation)

Will Battlefield 6 Be A Battle Royale?

Battlefield 6 will get its own independent free-to-play Battle Royale mode. Not much is known about the Battlefield BR mode yet, but they seem to have learned from Firestorm. Thus, the big advantage that Call of Duty used to have with Warzone is also gone...

In Conclusion...

Even though we don't know too much about Battlefield 6 yet, and are still eagerly waiting for the official announcement, we are sure for the reasons mentioned above that it will be a terrific game. Definitely better than CoD 2021, which has apparently even been cancelled because it's not ready for release yet. It's been three years since the last Battlefield, and both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War continue to turn into huge disappointments. All the bugs, glitches, cheaters, and rather questionable support, make even hardcore CoD fans look forward to Battlefield 6 in 2021...


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This article was originally written by Lukas Ballat.