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5 Reasons Why Battlefield 6's Battle Royale Will Replace Warzone

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Warzone is sitting happily right now with the lion's share of the Battle Royale audience. But with their next release getting a lot more critical attention than Battlefield 6, EA's champion might take the BR throne. Here are our top five reasons why Battlefield's BR will replace Warzone

We're sure you've been having as much fun with Warzone as we have this past year. But many months on and Activision Blizzard seems to have lost themselves in a confusing situation with Warzone. They want to continue with their annual release strategy and integrate those games into Warzone - but it's starting to cost the BR dearly. Battlefield, on the other hand, is going to be coming in fresh, having learned from all of Warzone's mistakes. Here are our top five reasons why EA's play for throne might just work...

Why Battlefield 6's Battle Royale Will Replace Warzone - 5. Modern Theme 

Battlefield 6 is set in the 2030s, which is exciting, but this year's Call of Duty 'WW2 Vanguard' is set in the 1940s, that's a harder sell. These eras will dictate what content we see in the Battle Royale mode of both games.

The market has been oversaturated with WW2 games for decades, and Battlefield V's poor reception proves that. But, Modern Warfare's success in 2019 shows how popular the near future is. It's basically present-day fighting, but with wider use of what are currently prototypes. Hugely exciting for robotics. 

Why Battlefield 6's Battle Royale Will Replace Warzone - 4. Higher TTK 

As always in Battlefield, they aim for a higher TTK than Call of Duty, which is much more popular in a Battle Royale setting. This is usually just a matter of taste in an arena shooter, but it's entirely different in a BR. Treyarch reduced the TTK when they took over from Infinity Ward, and it was a disaster. Now, they are trying to raise it again with every weapon patch - EA can avoid the headache and do it right the first time.  

If you're a lover of both games then you're in luck, we cover both at EarlyGame - everything from leaks, to exploits and guides, and of course the current meta.

Why Battlefield 6's Battle Royale Will Replace Warzone - 3. A Brand New Map 

Battlefield has always made huge maps, they're experienced in this, and they'll need something new and fresh for their BR. Unfortunately, it looks like Activision Blizzard might continue to scrimp and save on dev-time by using the same map and changing it slightly. This keeps people refreshed for a short while, but it's unsustainable in the long run. Lots of fans have been bored with Verdansk for months. 

Why Battlefield 6's Battle Royale Will Replace Warzone - 2. Weapon Balance 

Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield doesn't need to market new weapons or push the sale of a separate game, so they can balance weapons properly. Warzone's unfortunate mistake was using the game's weapon balance to push BOCW sales. Many of the BOCW weapons failed to integrate with Modern Warfare's weapons equally, and the balance has been all over the place for some time. No MAC-10 disasters for Battlefield, thank you very much. 

Why Battlefield 6's Battle Royale Will Replace Warzone - 1. One Team - One Focus 

This is Warzone's biggest challenge going forward: how do you integrate yearly games with an overarching Battle Royale? That's not a question the Battlefield devs need to worry about. Warzone is already far too bloated, there are 80 weapons in the game, and they're struggling to bring out new ones that don't feel bland. Then there's the issue of theme - are we going to be taking helicopters and modern operators into war-torn Normandy? 

Honestly, they need a clean slate and a hard reset, but that's not happening because they won't have produced enough for a whole new Warzone by the fall. These are headaches EA just won't have. 

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I mean, either way, the release of these games is going to be fantastic for the shooter community, but maybe you are more swayed by Battlefield this year? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and don't forget to do yourself a favor by signing up for MyEarlyGame - for free - to enjoy all the latest CoD and Battlefield news.