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Who Won The Warzone CodeRed Tournament?

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BoomTV Warzone CodeRed
BoomTV Warzone CodeRed has its champion duo: Aydan and Rated. (Credit: BoomTV)

Who has won the Warzone CodeRed Tournament by BoomTV and got the $20,000 prize money from the prize pool? We'll tell you.

New York Subliners Aydan and 100 Thieves streamer Rated have been pretty dominant in 2v2 Call of Duty tournaments. They continued their hot streak by winning yet another title at the BoomTV Warzone CodeRed $20,000 tourney.

Who Won The BoomTV Warzone CodeRed Tournament?

Aydan Conrad and Rated have won the Warzone CodeRed Tournament. Back in February and March, Aydan and Rated put together four back-to-back winning efforts in 2v2 Warzone events, so another triumph should not have caught anyone off guard. These two have enviable chemistry, considering they're not even in the same organization. Sometimes, you just stumble upon that one person that loves and understands you... I digress.

That incredible run earlier in the year pushed Aydan to become the best earning Warzone player (in terms of prize money) in the world. Thanks to this latest success, he can add half of the $12,000 prize and sit even more comfortably in his top earner for CoD throne.

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In the final, Aydan and Rated defeated DiazBiffle and SuperEvan, who will walk away with $3,000 each. Third place and the last $1,000 each of the $20,000 prize pool will go to the duo of Destroy and ClutchBelk.

BoomTV Warzone CodeRed $20,000 Tournament Final Standings

  1. Aydan & Rated - $12,000
  2. DiazBiffle & SuperEvan - $6,000
  3. Destroy & ClutchBelk - $2,000

We're not sure what makes Aydan more excited - winning Warzone tournaments or receiving birthday wishes from Johnny Sins, but at least he doesn't have to choose, because he got both.

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