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Headshots are going to be a whole lot harder in Warzone...

Are Helmets Coming to Warzone?

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warzone helmets leak
According to recent leaks, Warzone might be getting helmets. Exciting? (Credit: Activision / PNG All)

New equipable helmets may be coming to Warzone, according to recent leaks. The rumors are yet to be corroborated by Activision, but if true, could mean that a significant reduction to headshot damage could be in the very near future for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Dataminers have reported that the new equipable helmets rumored to be coming to Warzone could reduce headshot damage by about 30 percent. Well, it's no cowboy hat, but boy-oh-boy would it be nice to get some sweet-ass new equipable headwear in Warzone!

The leaks, provided by Dataminer Nanikos on Twitter, also suggest that there could additionally be operator voice lines for when pinging a helmet. Check out the justification...

Well, howdy partners, it's time to go crazy with headwear. Now, yes, we don't know what these bad-boys will look like – we don't even know if they're real at all – but we want to add a little request for Raven Software: please, oh please, can we have cowboy hats? Something nice, something tasty, something non-generic-bro-shooter-like.

Are Helmets Coming to Warzone?

It is rumored that Helmets are coming to Warzone, but it has not been confirmed yet. The most interesting part of these leaks is that it seems that Helmets were originally going to be in the game when it launched back in 2020. They were not included, but may be on the way onto our screens very soon.

With the weapon meta barely changing, despite the AUG and FFAR nerfs, some delicious headgear could certainly add a nice new addition to Warzone. The game is a tad boring at the moment, a little tedious, and still unbalanced. Please, give us some sweet cosmetics, so that we can at least have a bit of fun!

The only thing we really know about these helmet rumors, is that they were originally cut from the game due to the inclusion of an armor-plate system. It seems a little far-fetched, to be honest. Or perhaps it could be short-sighted? Jokes aside, we very much want to reiterate that if all of this is true, then there better be some hats. We love hats.

warzone helmets
Yeah, Warzone headwear still leaves a lot to be desired... (Credit: Activision)

Hats are great, armor is great, Warzone is okay, leaks are great, but as usual you should take this all with a tiny pinch of salt. When we report on rumors or leaks, that does not guarantee that anything is true. Speculation is speculation, so shut up, don't get too hyped, and if this all turns out to be true, don't forget to repeat the following phrase: "Howdy".


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