Every New Bunker Location In Warzone Season 6

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The bunkers in Verdansk were closed for a long time, but Warzone Season 6 has brought with it new bunkers! So, where are the Warzone Season 6 bunkers, and how do you get in?
Warzone Season 6 Bunker
Bunkers are back once more! | © Activision

Bunkers in Warzone were extremely popular. If you had the right code and knew how to open a bunker, you could secure a bunch of great loot off the rip. However, the bunkers were closed months ago and were no longer accessible. But Warzone Season 6 has introduced entirely new bunkers for you to loot and explore.

In Season 6, both Downtown and the Stadium were badly damaged by underground explosives. Interwoven into the whole story behind why Verdansk was bombed are a series of bunkers from the Second World War, which are probably supposed to indicate a bit of the transition to CoD: Vanguard. But where are these new Warzone bunkers, how do you get inside and what will you find?

Where Are The Warzone Season 6 Bunkers?

There are three new bunkers, located northeast of Array, east of the Hangar and northeast of Boneyard. The entrances are in red containers, and you don't need a code to open them. Just keep an eye out for the large stacks of containers, you'll find an abseil point among them. We've marked the locations for you:

Warzone Season 6 Bunker Locations
They've put them in fairly hot-drop locations. | © Activision

Each bunker has an additional entrance. These entrances can be found in the wreckage caused by explosions across Verdansk. But the abseil points in the red containers are definitely the easiest to find.

What's In The Warzone Season 6 Bunkers?

The bunkers are all similar and contain a lot of clutter from the Second World War, as well as loot. Compared to the old bunkers, the loot is limited, though. There aren't a ton of legendary boxes, killstreaks, or the like, but rather ordinary loot that you can find everywhere else.

What's more interesting here is the interior, which clearly seems to have been built in the Second World War. Since Vanguard is set during WWII, we strongly suspect that further easter eggs, clues, or puzzles in connection with CoD: Vanguard are going to be revealed over the course of the season.

Stay tuned for more.

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