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New Warzone Bunkers! Or... something else?

What are the new Warzone Bunkers in Season 4?

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warzone red door bunker
What is the red door? Could it be the next Warzone bunker... or something else entirely? (Credit: Activision)

Leaks and rumors have suggested big things for Warzone Season 4, but what's going to happen to the Warzone Bunkers? We take a look at the rumors around the Warzone Red Door in particular. Is it a new Warzone Bunker, or something completely different? Additionally, what else is going on in the world of Warzone bunkers in Season 4?

Bunkers have been a big part of Warzone for a whole year now, a perfect way to tease the future of Call of Duty, and the future of Warzone. Where have they been, recently? There are many rumors about Warzone bunkers in Verdansk '84, and we're here to break down the rumors around the Warzone Season 4 bunkers. Also, what is the red door, will it be fast travel, or will it be a bunker?

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What New Warzone Bunkers are Coming to Season 4?

We do not yet know which Warzone Bunkers, if any, will open in Warzone Season 4. We suspect that we will gain access to the Red Door, but we will take a look at that in more detail later on in this article. Another expectation is that the new Warzone Bunker at Superstore and Airplane Factory will open, or will be available via access with a Warzone Bunker Code. That would be pretty exciting, as it would be a completely brand new bunker, and not just the re-opening of one of the bunkers from OG Verdansk. 

We will keep you updated, and update this article, as more information becomes available (and more clues get found) – so stay tuned!

Is the Red Door a new Warzone Season 4 Bunker?

Whilst much is still unknown, the Warzone Red Door is rumored to be a new fast travel system, not a new Warzone Bunker. We already covered this in our article on the Warzone Red Door, and it looks pretty cool. Who wouldn't want a sweet fast travel system in Warzone? We feel like as long as it isn't insanely overpowered, it could be a really fabulous new system for everyone's-favorite Battle Royale.

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