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Two-factor-authentication will soon be mandatory

What Is 2FA In Warzone & How To Set It Up

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Ever seen this message? Maybe it's time to set it up | © Activision Blizzard

Two-factor-authentication is going to become mandatory for console Warzone players, as is already the case for PC. But this is a good thing for the users; for their own security, 2FA is invaluable. In this article, we'll take you through what 2FA is and how you can use it.  

You've probably heard of two-factor authorization before. It's not unique to Warzone. Far from it. It's not even unique to gaming. No, 2FA - as it's proverbially known - is becoming common among almost any service with login credentials. And for good reason, because 2FA is one of the biggest safeguards against hackers and phishers. 

What Is Two-Factor-Authentication

Two-factor-authentication is a security measure that asks users to provide a code that was emailed or sent an SMS to their phone, in addition to the traditional password. In Call of Duty, the additional code is sent to a third-party app. Here's how Activision Blizzard explains it: 

Improve your account security with an added layer of protection. With two-factor authentication, a third-party authentication application is used when logging into your Activision account. After entering your e-mail and password, you’ll be prompted to enter the security code generated from the app.

This added layer of protection is strongly recommended but is not mandatory. If you would like to improve your account security.

Effectively, this prevents people from entering your account with only a single password. 

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How Do You Set Up 2FA For Warzone

Sign in to your Activision account here, and you'll be prompted to follow the steps to complete 2FA. It's very simple and only requires quick email verification, so it should take 3 minutes or less. You will need a smartphone for the third-party app that generates your 2FA code but for people playing Warzone, we doubt this is an issue. 

We hope that helped, and with how easy 2FA is to set up, we recommend you begin using it more widely. 

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