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Extremely strong, but not for everyone

Call of Duty Weapons: FAL Setup Guide

Call of Duty

The FAL in Call of Duty was neglected for a long time but is now experiencing an upswing. On paper, it is one of the strongest weapons of all, but there is a catch.

Another One Bites the Nerf

The nerf to the MP5 and the Grau 5.56 is having a positive effect on other Call of Duty weapons. The FAL is one of those weapons, finally stepping up into the bright lights.

As the only semi-automatic assault rifles apart from the special version of the CR-56 AMAX, the FAL was neglected for a long time, especially in Warzone. Why bother when the Grau can clear everything without a problem even at sniper distance with a much higher fire rate.

Due to the semi-automatic mode the FAL was simply not playable for a long time on shorter distances compared to its fully automatic counterparts. The patch that nerfed the Grau, however, buffed the FAL. That's what you call a perfect storm.

What's in a Buff?

Before that update, the FAL did the same damage for about 40 meters before a significant drop-off. Now the damage for the first 19 meters has been heavily increased and can be extended to 27 meters with attachments. Within this range, the FAL kills with a single headshot and a couple of hits to the torso.

This buff boosted the FAL's reputation in Warzone specifically where it now holds the stat for fastest time-to-kill of any assault rifle. Its 360 milliseconds are more than 200 milliseconds lower than the M4A1.

The catch is, of course, in the semi-automatic nature of the weapon. You have to hit every shot and fast, otherwise you'll probably get smoked before you can say "Battlefield sucks".

Set for Success

Call of Duty FAL setup
This setup will squeeze the maximum out of the FAL. (Image credit: Activision)

If you want to try the FAL yourself, we recommend this setup:

  • Muzzle: Monolith silencer
  • Barrel: XRK Shooter
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 30-round magazine
  • Handle: Patterned grip tape

The silencer and the barrel are a must because they are necessary to reach the mentioned 27-meter increased damage zone. The silencer also does what a silencer does, of course – it keeps you quiet. The Commando Foregrip increases stability when firing, which is another must with a semi-automatic gun like the FAL.

A large magazine in Warzone is an advantage, allowing you to take out multiple armored enemies if necessary. Finally, with the patterned grip tape, we increase the speed of aiming and sprinting to fire, which can be especially helpful when fighting at shorter distances. For Modern Warfare multiplayer where the number of enemies is lower, we recommend replacing the larger magazine with a laser to further reduce the aiming time.

In summary, the FAL can be incredibly strong in the right hands but it's difficult to master. If you can really hit everything and click very fast, you will win most fights. If not, then it's perhaps best to stick to the automatic options.

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