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In downtown Mahhattan, of course

Call of Duty: Warzone: Where is the best loot?

Call of Duty
CoD: Warzone loot
Most good loot locations are crawling with enemies from the start. (Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone’s map Verdansk is humongous and therefore offers many different loot areas to dive in. In this guide, we show you which ones are the most rewarding.

Picking the right landing spot in Warzone in order to find the best equipment as fast as possible is obviously important. Verdansk offers an incredible choice, everything from large open spaces, to wooded areas, to urban zones with many small and large buildings. 20 places on the map are marked with names, but there are many other interesting nameless places.

Since the first circle is closing relatively slow, you can land outside it, do your thing and work your way back in later. Depending on where the first circle is located, this is ideal for those who don't want to plunge into absolute chaos right at the beginning, as most of the players jump off inside the circle.

We have marked 20 locations on the map that house the best loot. Other locations also offer enough good loot, but these 20 have the highest density of equipment.

CoD: Warzone Verdansk
Verdansk isn't short on good looting locations. (Image credit: Activision)

The best loot locations in Verdansk

Those who want fast action and are willing to take the risk land downtown. There are five buildings with good equipment (5-9). This is the reason why many squads will jump off at once, which makes this zone especially dangerous, but also offers the chance to collect many kills. Another such zone is located at the airport. Here we have three loot locations (16-18) in a very small area. It is guaranteed that you won’t be alone, so heads up!

A bit more remote is the quarry with two good loot locations (19 and 20). Here you will always find good equipment. While there isn’t as much action there as downtown, it’s still far from a peaceful area and you should be on alert.

The prison (1) is very remote, which makes it a good, but also risky choice. Depending on where the circle is located, it can be difficult to get from here to the safe zone in time. Another problem is that on the way back you have to walk over a lot of free space towards downtown.

Our personal favorites are the TV station (14) and the lumber camp (2). Both are relatively isolated and not quite as highly frequented as the other places. The TV station is a bit more risky, because it is located in the middle of the map and therefore attackable from all sides. The lumberjack camp, on the other hand, is the literal opposite. It offers enough buildings to take cover or to hide if someone has landed there before. In the back you have the end of the map and there is a lot of free space to the right and left. From here you can work your way towards the stadium (4) before you look for a good position depending on how the circle changes.

Downtown has the highest concentration of good loot and accordingly most players end up there. Even the more remote places we mentioned are popular enough by now with the game almost three months old. If you like to play a patient game, your best bet is to land outside the mentioned places, equip yourself with whatever you find there and then go armed into an area where there is better loot. If you’re not gone by then.

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