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Call of Duty Update Brings Back Shipment (UPDATED)

Call of Duty
Call of Duty operator Mace

Operator Mace gets a bundle in the debut Season 5 playlist update. (Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 has been live for a week now and brought new weapons and maps, among other things. The first playlist update since the start of the new season brings back community favorite Shipment.

Livestock, Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig have been added to the Modern Warfare multiplayer. As usual, the new maps have been given their own playlists. The first regular Season 5 playlist update brings back a community favorite, a new game mode, and new bundles.


The Call of Duty playlist update is live and caused some problems upon launch. Many players could not enter the game last night and got an 8192 error code. However, Infinity Ward reacted quickly, and the connection problems were solved.

In addition to the changes described yesterday, there were, as always, a few more additions and even deletions:

  • The promised playlists Shoot House and Shipment, as well as Shipment 24/7 have not gone live with the update.
  • A Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed playlists hahave been added.
  • In Warzone BR Duos, Trios and Quads are available in addition to Mini-Royale and BR Stimulus Solos.
  • We can blow our heads off again in Plunder Quads for a few dollars.

Why Shipment and Shoot House didn't go live with the update, as Activision announced, we can't say. Infinity Ward have not commented on it either.

Update 2

There was some confusion why Shipment, which was announced by Activision on Monday, didn't go live with the playlist update this week. Well, it's here now. Yesterday evening Infinity Ward let loose another mini-patch, which ended the free multiplayer access for Warzone players and added the Shoot House and Shipment playlists.

Shipment 24/7 is still missing, but at least the community favorite is represented in a playlist. We can now use Shoot House and Shipment to unlock and level up the new Season 5 ISO and AN-94 weapons.

Original Article

Before we dive into that, let's mention that the Free Access Multiplayer Weekend has been extended until August 12. Players who only have Warzone will have until tomorrow to play some Modern Warfare for free.

Call of Duty Playlists

Two popular playlists - Shoot House and Shipment, return to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Not much to be said here - close quarter action with some variety. For those who don't want that last bit and just want to level up quickly, Shipment 24/7 is also there.

In the Gunfight Blueprints Playlist you can jump into intense 3v3 matches with given blueprint weapons.

With the Bare Bones Moshpit comes a new game mode for purists. No killstreaks, no field upgrades and no perks! All that matters is your skill with the weapon. If you find killstreaks too arbitrary, this is the perfect playlist for you.

In Warzone you have the chance to prove yourself in a smaller version of the usual Battle Royale mode called fittingly Mini-Royale. Less operators, shorter matches with more fights. In short: Battle Royale for action freaks.

In BR Stimulus Solos you will respawn at any time as long as you have enough money with you. So think carefully about how much you want to spend on killstreaks and loadout drops.

Call of Duty Bundles

There are two new bundles available in the store. The Executive Armorer bundle contains a lot of nice items for operator Mace. It contains the Armorer operator skin, a Grau 5.56 Mother Lode and a Fennec Royal Coffer weapon blueprints. Both come with golden Tracer rounds. The Executive Armorer also includes the Golden Hew axe as a melee weapon, a weapon pendant, a sticker and a new voiceline. All skins are gold and black and look very noble.

The Executive Armorer Call of Duty bundle

The Executive Armorer comes with a golden touch. (Image credit:

The second bundle, Poison Dart, contains two weapon blueprints, a calling card and an emblem. The weapon blueprints are Galapagos for the M13, and Anole for the MP5, designed for precision and control in order to remove the enemy's head on sight.

You already know that we'll come back to you when the update goes live with any possible updates on the new content.

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