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Call of Duty: new playlist update brings Iskra

Call of Duty
Co D Iskra

The new female operator Iskra finally makes it into the game. (Image credit: Activision)

Also this week there are new playlists and other updates. Activision also announced the new female operator Iskra in their blog.

Yesterday we already reported about which features are still missing from the Season 3 roadmap and what might be in today's playlist update. Now we know exactly.


Now we have certainty: The new female operator Iskra, who had already briefly appeared in the shop, will come into play with this update. The fighter from Urzikstan will join the Chimera faction on the Allegiance side and, as usual, be available as part of a bundle. The bundle also includes two new legendary weapon blueprints, a helicopter skin for Warzone, a finishing move, and other cosmetic items.


The Demolition mode added last week will now remain as a permanent game mode. With 3v3 Gunfight Knives Only comes an interesting close combat playlist. As the name suggests, there will be no shooting, we can only throw knives, take out enemies in melee or use finishing moves. The three-man team that wins six rounds will take victory in this mode.

The current Shipment 24/7 playlist will be replaced again, but the chaos factor will remain quite high this week. The new Rusty Ship 24/7 Playlist rotates between the maps Shipment and Rust and offers both Deathmatch and goal-based game modes. Since Rust is also a very small map, the spawnkill chaos remains - but the community likes it.

With the Twin Suns bundle come two additional legendary weapon blueprints for the M91 LMG and the .50 GS.

Co D Twin Suns

With the Twin Suns bundle comes a new gun blueprint for the M91 LMG. (Image credit: Activision)

The new blueprints are designed with silencers for quiet but deadly action. Combining throwing knives and deadly silence, you have a strong ninja setup with which no one will hear you coming.

As soon as we have all the official patch notes from Infinity Ward, we will know for sure which bug fixes have been made. Until then you can find all news and updates about Call of Duty and the results of the most recent events on EarlyGame.

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