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Call of Duty Playlist Update to Add Party Mode (Updated)

Call of Duty
Call of Duty playlist update

One particular mode that fans want back is... not coming back. (Image credit: Activision)

As usual we get a teaser for tomorrow's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone playlist update from Activision. Besides new bundles and the 24/7 playlists, we’ll finally get Rumble back.

Rumble in the Jungle, baby! Activision have prepared some nice stuff for tomorrow’s playlist update trip. Let’s have a sneak inside!

JULY 15 UPDATE: The playlist update is now live and there were still some changes or additions to what Activision already announced in their blog.

Cheshire Park and Shoot House will not have their own separate 24/7 playlist as initially expected, but a joint Shoot House and Cheshire Park 24/7 playlist. There is more news on the playlist front - we're getting Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed Remix in addition to the above mentioned 24/7 and the Party Mode Moshpit. There's a bit of a twist to TDM and KCR - headshots, killstreaks and collected tokens all give more points than usual. A regular kill is 1 point, a headshot is 3 points, for example.

For those of you that play Ground War regularly, the Realism Ground War playlist is back.

At the same time as this week's playlist update, Infinity Ward are fixing some bugs in the game with a pair of small patches:

The first small patch removes, among other things, the bug where you can find the weapon you dropped during warm-up in the actual game at the same place you dropped it. The Rytec AMR has also being fixed and you should finally be able to hit the spot you're aiming at.

The second small patch has raised the point limit necessary to win in the new TDM and KCR Playlists. Infinity Ward did not acount for the improved point distribution, which shortened the length of games way too much, but now that issue is in the past.


Who is in the mood for some real action? The Party Mode Moshpit will bring exactly that. This playlist features One in the Chamber, Gun Game Reloaded and All or Nothing. Everything is Free-for-All, which means everyone against everyone. Prepare yourself for a lot of chaos!

The Gunfight Tournaments, which came back with the last update, will remain active for another week. So you still have the chance to get some cool rewards.

There are also two new 24/7 playlists coming. With Cheshire Park 24/7 the latest map in Modern Warfare gets its own 8v8 24/7 playlist and Shoot House 24/7 is a well-known and popular playlist that makes a return. Shipment 24/7? Nope.

The huge team deathmatch mode Warzone Rumble and Paste Trios are back again in Warzone.


In addition to the new playlists, two new bundles have also been announced: The Hydra Slayer contains two rather classy looking weapon blueprints: Soul of the Beast for the Holger and Spirit of the Beast for the MP5. The bundle also contains a calling card and a spray.

Syd: Rogue Operative

The Syd: Rogue Operative bundle. (Image credit: cod.tracker.gg)

The second bundle is the Syd: Rogue Operative bundle. It contains the basilisk skin for the female operator Syd, as well as the Mortal Coil blueprint for the Grau 5.56. There are also a new watch, a skin for the truck in Warzone, a calling card and an emblem. The skin for the truck as well as the calling card and emblem are decorated by a snake.

These are the latest changes that the next playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone will bring. If there’s anything new to report, we’ll be on it when the update drops.

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