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Call of Duty Playlist Update: Shoot the Ship Is Back (UPDATED)

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Shipment Molotov

After two weeks off, Shipment is coming back to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. (Image credit: Activision)

Activision are bringing back what the Call of Duty community never wanted out in the first place with the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone playlist update. Shoot the Ship is brought back, which means we can again dive into our favorite CoD modes.


The Call of Duty playlist update is now live but it was causing some serious server problems immediately after launch. Yesterday evening many players didn't get into the game or couldn't find games in the lobbies. Infinity Ward were very quick to react and the issues have been cleaned out.

There's significantly less post-launch differences to report on this time around. Infinity Ward have done with this update pretty much exactly what we expected beforehand.

The huge Warzone deathmatch mode Warzone Rumble and Plunder Trios have been removed. Plunder Quads were added instead. There is also a new Intel or Secret Data mission. With New Perspectives added, there are now a total of four Secret Data missions that you can complete in Warzone to gain a bunch of XP and learn more about the background history of Verdansk.

The rest of the patch notes we already covered in the original article below.

Call of Duty Playlists

Shipment is back! With Shoot the Ship 24/7 one of the most popular playlists in Modern Warfare returns. Shoot House and Shipment all day long, baby! Get all the weapons you need to level up and prepare for a lot of melee chaos.

You like to snipe but feel like that's limited by map design? Sigh no more, 3v3 Snipers Only is your remedy! This playlist does what it says it does - snipers only in close combat. Might sound ludicrous to some. It sounds amazing to us.

With the Cranked Playlist another fast mode comes back. Once you have made a kill a timer will start. If you don't get another kill or assist before the timer expires, you're done.

In Ground War Reinfected you have another chance to defend yourself against the infected or infect others on the big Ground War maps.

Duos Stimulus is the new Warzone mode this week. If you have enough money with you when you die, you will be reinstated immediately - no detour via the Gulag. Make sure that your wallet is always full. Hell, Call of Duty is becoming more and more like real life!

Call of Duty Bundles

Of course there will be new bundles with the next playlist update. The Earth Expeditionary Force Bundle contains The Outrider Skin for Operator Charly, as well as the Colonial Standard weapon blueprint for the Holger LMG. Additionally, there is a new watch, a weapon pendant, a calling card and an emblem.

Earth Expeditionary Force Bundle

The Earth Expeditionary Force Bundle. (Image credit: COD Tracker)

The Racing Series: Mach 8 bundle contains a couple of stylish white and red blueprints: the Striker 45 Autoclave and the M19 Winner's Circle. There are also two vehicle skins in the same style and the Start Your Engines horn for all vehicles.

If you want to level up your Battle Pass faster, you also have the possibility to buy levels for 100 instead of 150 Call of Duty Credits until July 27.

These were all announcements ahead of the new playlist update. We'll update you as soon as it officially drops.

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