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Call of Duty Playlist Update Introduces Operator Morte

Call of Duty
Co D Playlist Update Morte

The new Call of Duty operator is once again based on a real person. (Image credit: Activision)

This week's playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone brings the vehicles back and lets us slip into the skin of Morte, the new Italo-Western operator.

As usual the weekly playlist update brings some changes for the current playlists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, as well as new bundles for the store.

It also brings back the vehicles to Verdansk that were recently removed due to a bug. The vehicles have been crashing the Warzone servers or kicking players out of matches, but that should all be patched up now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Playlists

Modern Warfare

  • Ground War On Foot is back, i.e. Ground War without vehicles. Prepare yourself for a bunch of snipers.
  • Gunfight: OSP spawns you into the match without equipment. All weapons, grenades etc. are on the floor or on the walls and have to be collected. This mode provides a lot of excitement and forces you to try weapons that you might not use otherwise.
  • Demolition will send you off to set or defuse a bomb. If you like tactical gameplay, you should get your money's worth here.
  • The Party Mode playlist offers a mix of different game modes. Gun Game Reloaded, One in the Barrel and All or Nothing offer a lot of action and are a welcome change from the standard modes like Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed.
  • Shoot the Ship remains active and will be until the end of September. It wasn't announced as Shiptember in the Season 5 Reloaded Update for nothing.


  • Plunder: Blood Money and King Slayer Trios were removed.
  • Plunder Trios were added.
  • Warzone Rumble will return this weekend. A huge 50v50 Deathmatch mode.
  • Another small update this morning also disabled text chat for Plunder Mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Bundles

With today's playlist update comes a new operator for the Warcom faction - Morte. The new operator looks like an italo-western badass with his cowboy hat and poncho. The face looks familiar to you? Then you might have heard of Fabio Rovazzi. The Italian actor, director, singer and author was the model for the new operator.

To get Morte you have to buy the Morte Operator Bundle for 2.400 Call of Duty Credits.

Morte Operator Bundle

The new Call of Duty operator - Morte, continues the trend of basing operators on real people. (Image credit: cod.tracker.gg)

As usual for an operator bundle, with the purchase you will receive a skin for the new operator, two weapon blueprints, a finishing move and various cosmetics. With the Tombstone blueprint you get a M4 with tracer ammo, which changes between red, white and green. The Saguaro blueprint is for the MK2 carbine. With the Chisholm you get a nice new knife and the weapon tag, voice line, horn, calling card and emblem complete the bundle.

The second bundle is called Devourer and contains the Ravenous blueprint for the CR-56 AMAX, a calling card and an emblem.

That was all that came into play with the current playlist update. If you're already looking forward to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, don't miss the multiplayer reveal later tonight!

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