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Season 5 ends with a bang

Call of Duty Playlist Update – Double XP and Shipment 24/7

Call of Duty
CoD: Warzone Train Station
The playlist update is bringing back Mini Royale. (Image Source: Activision)

Season 5 in CoD: Modern Warfare and Warzone is nearing its end. This week CoD is turning up the heat again. Double XP and Shipment 24/7 are just two of the new features.

Like every week, there are some new playlists and bundles for all Call of Duty fans and finally Double XP again.


Modern Warfare

  • The Shiptember Playlist will be split up again. From now on there will be both Shipment 24/7 and Shoot House 24/7. Whoever thought "What am I supposed to do with Shoot House? I want pure chaos!", can now play Shipment again exclusively.
  • 3v3 Snipers Gunfight, lets you compete on small firefight maps only with sniper rifles. Perfect for working on your own aim.
  • In Objective Moshpit, there will be Deathmatch Domination (deathmatch, but you also have to capture flags) and Dropzone (capture zones to get air drops) on 6v6 maps.


  • Mini Royale Trios are coming back. The normal Battle Royale map is significantly reduced in size and the matches are much more action-packed and faster.
  • BR Solos, Duos, Trios and Quads can be played.
  • Plunder Quads are back.


As always, there are two new bundles. The Beyond the Pale bundle contains the Dreadwood skin for Operator Ghost and two weapon blueprints. The Spanish Moss blueprint for the M4A1 and The Old Road blueprint for the 1911, plus, as usual, a watch, a new voice line, a gun charm, a spray, an emblem, a calling card and even a gesture.

CoD Beyond the Pale Bundle
A new skin for stealthy players. (Image Source: cod.tracker.gg)

The Notice Me: IV bundle contains Showcase, a pretty flashy anime blueprint for the Rytec AMR, a weapon pendant, a calling card and an emblem.

Double XP

Finally, there will be a Double-XP-Weekend again. From September 25th to 28th you will get Double XP, Weapon XP and Battle Pass XP in all game modes. Especially the Shipment Playlist is perfect to level up again.

If you still have to level your Battle Pass or some weapons, you should keep this weekend free. We will definitely grind some levels in the Battle Pass.

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