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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update brings new LMG, contract

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The new playlist update comes with a new gun... and a lot more! (Image credit: Activision)

A new playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been released. Warzone receives a small piece of the pie as well.

The new update is divided into two parts for all PS4 and Xbox One users that own the full game (not just Warzone). The patch is downloaded normally, but if you start Modern Warfare and want to go into multiplayer, you have to download a data pack DLC. During the download you will have access to Warzone, so you can pass the time there until it is complete.

Playlist Update

This week brings back one of the most popular playlists for Modern Warfare – Shoot the Ship. In this playlist, only the Shoot House and Shipment cards are played, which are very much geared towards melee and chaos. Although it is not uncommon to collect 30-40 deaths per match due to the extremely small cards, these are very popular with the community as you can level up weapons very quickly. Now’s the time to level up your favorite weapons while this playlist is active.

Co D Shipment

The smallest card in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Shipment. (Image credit: Activision)

New LMG for Modern Warfare and Warzone

The new MK9 Bruen light machine gun is introduced with today's update and is available in both Warzone and Modern Warfare.

The rifle is designed to combine high precision with reliable damage and will be a good addition to the five existing LMGs. The new weapon is unlocked either by purchasing the Encryption Bundle or by completing a challenge named in the Weapons menu.

Co D MK9 Bruen

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare LMG - MK9. (Image credit: Activision)

New contract for Warzone

Contracts in Warzone are a great way to raise money for the much sought-after loadout drops. They are indicated by icons on the map and can be taken by the player. So far there are three types of contracts:

  • Looting (magnifying glass icon) – loot several boxes in the vicinity.
  • Bounties (crosshairs icon) – an enemy player is marked and must be killed within a time limit.
  • Reconnaissance (flag symbol) - secure a certain area and hold it for a set amount of time.

The new addition is called Most Wanted. Here you are marked for all other players yourself and must survive for a specific amount of time. The interesting thing about this is that the reward is not money, but the fact that dead squad members are reinstated free of charge. So this contract is especially worthwhile if only one squad member is still alive.

Fire Claw Bundle

The Fire Claw III bundle is now available in the shop. (Image credit: Activision)

Cosmetic Items

This update has something for the interior lovers out there. The Pyromaniac bundle includes a new skin for Krueger, as well as a legendary caldera weapon blueprint, a new finishing move, and flaming throwing knives.

The Fire Claw III bundle contains a legendary SMG Weapons blueprint, a new Tiger spray and a Tiger weapons pendant.

What's really exciting is the armory adaptations. From now on it is finally possible to combine weapon attachments from different blueprints. If you have several blueprints of the same weapon, you can now combine all the attachments from these blueprints in the Gunsmith. This way you are not bound to the individual blueprints if you have not yet unlocked the assets regularly.

As usual, this update will be accompanied by a Double XP Weekend, which will run from May 1 to 4. Try out the new LMG and tell us what you think! Can it break into our top 3 LMGs list?

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